April 20th Results: McGuire wins thrilling Late Model feature


WHEELERSBURG, OH-It was an incredible night of racing at the Southern Ohio Speedway on Friday, April 20th with a “Full Racing Program” featuring Late Models, the Jordan Heating & Cooling UMP Modifieds, GCP Engines Sport Mods, and Street Stocks.  Another large crowd was on hand on a night that saw the fastest speeds in the new-era of SOS.

In the nights 25 lap Late Model A-Main, last weeks winner Eddie Carrier Jr. took the lead at the start with Rod Conley in second and Josh McGuire in third.  The top three stayed close together in the early stages of the race.  As the field approached lap traffic Conley began to catch up to Carrier and had just got underneath him when the races first caution flew.

On the restart, Carrier went out to a six to eight car length lead as the battle for second was fierce between Conley and McGuire.  In addition to the great racing for the second position, the action was hot and heavy for fourth, fifth, and sixth betwen Kenny Howell, Delmas Conley, and R. J. Conley.  On lap 15,  Howell, Delmas Conley, and R. J. Conley went three wide down the backstretch and into turn three!  Heavy contact was made in the middle of the turn that resulted in Delmas Conley nearly getting put in the guardrail.  One lap later a caution flag flew and under the caution Delmas drove up to Howell to express his displeasure with the contact a lap earlier. Conley then made contact multiple times with Howell’s car and both cars were sent off the track.

When things settled down and the on-track action resumed, Josh McGuire put his #41 machine on the high side and made it stick.  McGuire drove by Rod Conley on lap 18 and then set his sights on race leader Eddie Carrier Jr!  McGuire got alongside of Carrier as the two battled side by side for the lead!  The two battled side by side for the next several laps with Carrier down low and McGuire up high.  McGuire finally cleared Carrier on lap 22 and held off a last corner charge to take the $2,000 feature win by one car length!  Carrier finished second with Rod Conley third, R. J. Conley fourth, and Billy Gullion edging out Dustin Linville for fifth.  Carrier won the dash race while McGuire and Gullion won heat races.

The nights 20 lap Jordan Heating & Cooling UMP Modified A-Main started with a three way battle for the lead between Jake Keaton, Eric Hatfield, and Jeremy Rayburn.  Keaton, the race leader, ran the middle of the track with Hatfield up high and Rayburn down low.  Rayburn would make the pass on Hatfield on lap four for second and set his sights on Keaton.  Rayburn caught up to Keaton a lap later as the two battled side by side for the lead!  The two battled side by side for several laps until Rayburn made the pass on lap 8.  From there, Rayburn would extend his lead to come to the checkers and claim his second feature win in a row!  Keaton finished second with Eric Hatfield third, Adam Colley fourth, and Luke Jordan fifth.  Keaton won the dash race while David McWilliams and Brian Skaggs won heat races.

Eric Dennison and Wes Harmon had a close battle for the lead at the start of the nights GCP Engines Sport Mod feature.  Dennison would eventually pull away in the late stages of the race to come across the checkers and claim his first career win!  Harmon finished second with Colten Wright third and Kenny Neal fifth.  Dennison also won the heat race.

Conard Newman and Tim Cutler battled for the lead at the start of the nights Street Stock A-Main.  Cutler made several peaks under Newman in turns one and two but just wouldn’t have enough to make the pass as Newman came across the checkers to take the feature win!  Cutler finished second with Joseph McClain third, Keith Anderon fourth, and Chris Hunt fifth.  Newman also won the heat race.

The Southern Ohio Speedway will be in action next on Friday, April 27th for one of the largest races of the season with the “2nd Annual Southern 50.”  On the card will be Late Models paying $6,000 to win and Jordan Heating & Cooling UMP Modifieds paying $1,000 to win.  The Late Models will also have a 15 lap Non-Qualifiers race paying $500 to win and $130 to start.  General admission is $20 for ages 17 and up, $10 for ages 13-16, $5 for ages 7-12, and FREE for ages 6 and under.  Pit passes are $32 for ages 13 and up, $20 for ages 7-12, and FREE for ages 6 and under.  For more information visit www.southernohiospeedway.com.

Complete Results

Late Models
Fast Qualifier-Eddie Carrier Jr.
Dash-Eddie Carrier Jr., R. J. Conley, Kenny Howell, Rod Conley, Delmas Conley, Jeff Arnold
Heat One-Josh McGuire, Dustin Linville, Jeremy Akers, Jimmy Fritz, Paul Moore, Josh Brickey, Adam Jordan, Tommy Riggs, Paul Davis
Heat Two-Billy Gullion, Daniel Kattine, Josh Bevins, Mark Queen, Darren Kattine, Braden Roof, Chris Shelton, Carl Dillow II, Kirk Phillips
A-Main-Josh McGuire, Eddie Carrier Jr., Rod Conley, R. J. Conley, Billy Gullion, Dustin Linville, Jeremy Akers, Kenny Howell, Delmas Conley, Adam Jordan, Braden Roof, Josh Bevins, Paul Moore, Jeff Arnold, Mark Queen, Paul Davis, Jimmy Fritz, Josh Brickey, Darren Kattine, Daniel Kattine (DNS: Chris Shelton, Tommy Riggs, Carl Dillow II, Kirk Phillips)
Lap Leaders-Eddie Carrier Jr. (1-18), Josh McGuire (19-25)
Car Count-24

Jordan Heating & Cooling UMP Modifieds
Fast Qualifier-Jeremy Rayburn
Dash-Jake Keaton, Dustin Linville, Jeremy Rayburn, Eric Hatfield, Todd Robinson, T. J. Harper
Heat One-David McWilliams, Craig Christian, Luke Jordan, Kenny Aldridge, Davey Warnock, Jeff Arnold, Sammy Hobbs, Justin Mills
Heat Two-Brian Skaggs, Adam Colley, Kevin Graham, Jimmy Adams, Bob Hurst Jr., Harold Meadows, Brandon Smith
A-Main-Jeremy Rayburn, Jake Keaton, Eric Hatfield, Adam Colley, Luke Jordan, Davey Warnock, Kevin Graham, Jimmy Adams, Kenny Aldridge, Bob Hurst Jr., T. J. Harper, David McWilliams, Brian Skaggs, Craig Christian (DNS: Todd Robinson, Dustin Linville, Jeff Arnold, Harold Meadows, Sammy Hobbs, Brandon Smith, Justin Mills)
Lap Leaders-Jake Keaton (1-7), Jeremy Rayburn (8-20)
Car Count-21

GCP Engines Sport Mods
Heat-Eric Dennison, Wes Harmon, Shawn Aldridge, Colten Wright, Kenny Neal
A-Main-Eric Dennison, Wes Harmon, Colten Wright, Kenny Neal (DNS: Shawn Aldridge)
Lap Leaders-Eric Dennison (1-15)
Car Count-5

Street Stocks
Heat-Conard Newman, Tim Cutler (Rest of results unavailable)
A-Main-Conard Newman, Tim Cutler, Joseph McClain, Keith Anderson, Chris Hunt, Jason Wells (DNS: Jason Spillman, Perry Dearing)
Lap Leaders-Conard Newman (1-15)
Car Count-8

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