Jackie Boggs comes from sixth to win on May 25th


WHEELERSBURG, OH-It was another great night of racing at the Southern Ohio Speedway on Friday, May 25th for the “Memorial Day Championships.”  A total of 64 race cars and a good crowd was in attendance.

Eddie Carrier Jr. and Delmas Conley battled side by side for the lead at the start of the nights $2,000 to win Late Model A-Main.  Carrier and Conley raced hard for the opening two laps with Carrier leading and Conley pulling off the track on the races first caution.  With Carrier leading, all eyes were on sixth place starter Jackie Boggs as he continued to move his #4b machine up through the field.  After several laps of racing side by side for the second position Boggs made the pass on Kenny Howell to move into the second position on lap nine.

Boggs then set his sights on Carrier and received a much needed caution on lap 17, putting Boggs right on the rear bumper of Carrier.  On the restart, Boggs put his car up top and got a big run on Carrier as they battled side by side for the lead!  The two battled side by side for the next three laps with Boggs able to clear Carrier and pull away out front.  The race wasn’t over with yet, however, as a caution flag flew on lap 22 to setup a 3 lap shootout.  Carrier put his #28 machine up top on the restart, but wouldn’t have enough to pass Boggs as Jackie Boggs came across the checkers to claim his second feature win in a row!  Carrier finished second with Kenny Howell third, R. J. Conley fourth, and Jeff Arnold fifth.  Carrier won the dash race while Paul Davis, and R. J. Conley won heat races.

Todd Robinson led the field to start the nights Jordan Heating & Cooling UMP Modified A-Main.  Robinson led the races first few laps before coming to a stop on a lap three caution and having to pull off the track.  This left the lead to second place runner Jeremy Rayburn.  Rayburn held off challenges from Dave Jamison to lead the final 18 laps of the race and come across the checkers to take his third feature win this season!  Jamison finished second with Eric Hatfield third, Scott Lemaster fourth, and Jake Keaton fifth.  Robinson won the dash race while Adam Colley won the heat race.

Mark Hall and Tim Scarberry battled side by side for the lead at the start of the nights GCP Engines Sport Mod A-Main.  The two battled side by side for the opening few laps with Hall making the pass on lap three to go on and lead the remaining laps and take his second feature win in a row!  Danny McGowan finished second with Colten Wright third, Bill Egbert fourth, and Tim Scarberry fifth.  Hall won the heat race.

The #55 of Thompson and Mike Christy had an excellent, side by side battle for the lead in the Classic Car A-Main.  The two battled side by side for the first six laps of the race with Christy making the pass on lap seven to go on and claim his second feature win in a row!  #55 Thompson finished second with the #33 of H. Brumfield third, the #99 of Newman fourth, and the #77 of Blevins fifth.  Christy won the heat race.

Jamey Adams led the field to the green flag in the Street Stock A-Main.  With Adams up front, there was great side by side racing from the second position back.  Adams ended up leading all 15 laps to come across the checkeres to take the feature win!  Conard Newman finished second with Brandon Mather third, Tim Cutler fourth, and the #46 of Fisher fifth.  Adams and Tommy Mossbarger won heat races.

The Southern Ohio Speedway will be back in action on Friday, June 1st for “Kids Night.”  On the card will be Late Models-$2,000 to win, Jordan Heating & Cooling UMP Modifieds-$600 to win, Steel Block Late Models-$500 to win, GCP Engines Sport Mods, and an Enduro at the end of the night.  General admission is $12 for ages 17 and up, $5 for ages 13-16, and free for kids ages 12 and under.  Pit passes are $25 for ages 13 and up, $15 for ages 7-12, and free for ages 6 and under.  Gates open at 4:00 pm with hot laps at 7:30 pm.  For more information visit www.southernohiospeedway.com.

Complete Results

Late Models
Fast Qualifier-Jackie Boggs
Dash-Eddie Carrier Jr., Delmas Conley, Derek Fisher, Kenny Howell, Greggie Oliver, Jackie Boggs
Heat One-Paul Davis, Billy Gullion, Eddie Johnson, Greg Thompson, Rod Conley, Mick Sansom
Heat Two-R. J. Conley, Tre Martin, Jeff Arnold, Jeremy Akers, Scott Qualls
A-Main-Jackie Boggs, Eddie Carrier Jr., Kenny Howell, R. J. Conley, Jeff Arnold, Derek Fisher, Eddie Johnson, Tre Martin, Mark Queen, Greg Thompson, Rod Conley, Billy Gullion, Scott Qualls, Paul Davis, Jeremy Akers, Greggie Oliver, Delmas Conley (DNS: Mick Sansom)
Lap Leaders-Eddie Carrier Jr. (1-19), Jackie Boggs (20-25)
Car Count-18

Jordan Heating & Cooling UMP Modifieds
Fast Qualifier-Dave Jamison
Dash-Todd Robinson, Jeremy Rayburn, Jake Keaton, Dave Jamison, Mike Long, Eric Hatfield
Heat-Adam Colley, Scott Lemaster, Luke Jordan, Brian Skaggs, David Gilbert, David Fitzpatrick, Mike Sark, Mike Cooper, Tracy Ross, Jimmy Adams
A-Main-Jeremy Rayburn, Dave Jamison, Eric Hatfield, Scott Lemaster, Jake Keaton, Brian Skaggs, Mike Cooper, David Gilbert, Luke Jordan, Tracy Ross, Mike Sark, Mike Long, Todd Robinson, David Fitzpatrick, Adam Colley, Jimmy Adams
Lap Leaders-Todd Robinson (1-2), Jeremy Rayburn (3-20)
Car Count-16

GCP Engines Sport Mods
Heat-Mark Hall, Tim Scarberry, Eric Dennison, Danny McGowan, Bill Egbert, #10 Bierhup, Tim Lambert, Colten Wright, Tommy Whitt
A-Main-Mark Hall, Danny McGowan, Colten Wright, Bill Egbert, Tim Scarberry, Tim Lambert, Eric Dennison (DNS: Tommy Whitt, #10 Bierhup)
Lap Leaders-Tim Scarberry (1-2), Mark Hall (3-15)
Car Count-9

Classic Cars
Heat-Mike Christy, #55 Thompson, #33 H. Brumfield, #99 Newman, #77 Blevins, William Perry, #44 C. Brumfield
A-Main-Mike Christy, #55 Thompson, #33 H. Brumfield, #99 Newman, #77 Blevins, #44 C. Brumfield, William Perry
Lap Leaders-#55 Thompson (1-6), Mike Christy (7-15)
Car Count-7

Street Stocks
Heat One-Jamey Adams, Tim Cutler, David Dunn, Richard Mitchell, Joseph McClain, Kyle Spillman, Keith Anderson
Heat Two-Tommy Mossbarger, Conard Newman, #46 Fisher, Matthew Morris, #7, Brandon Mather
A-Main-Jamey Adams, Conard Newman, Brandon Mather, Tim Cutler, #46 Fisher, Kyle Spillman, David Dunn, Keith Anderson, Matthew Morris, Tommy Mossbarger, Richard Mitchell, Joseph McClain (DNS: #7)
Lap Leaders-Jamey Adams (1-15)
Car Count-13

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