Eddie Carrier Jr. wins “17th Annual Pepsi Southern 100”


WHEELERSBURG, OH-A record crowd was on hand at the Southern Ohio Speedway on Friday, June 15th for the “17th Annual Pepsi Southern 100” paying Late Models up to $12,000 to win.  The night started with Wheelersburg, Ohio’s R. J. Conley winning the Phyllis Sansom Memorial Time Trials to earn $250 and the fast time award on the night.

The first Late Model qualifying feature started with Dresdon, Ohio’s Devin Moran taking the lead.  Moran led the first four laps until second place runner Jackie Boggs made the pass for the lead on lap 5.  Jackson, Ohio’s Greggie Oliver followed behind Boggs and made the pass on Moran for second.  Oliver stayed right with Boggs as the two battled nose to tail for several laps, and then side by side for several laps!  Oliver was able to make the pass on lap 20 in heavy traffic and held off a last lap charge by Boggs to win the first $2,000 to win qualifying feature!  Boggs finished second with R. J. Conley third, Zack Dohm fourth, and Rod Conley fifth.

The second Late Model qualifying feature started with Eddie Carrier Jr. taking the lead.  While Carrier pulled away up front, the racing was furious for the second position between Jacob Hawkins, Jared Hawkins, Donnie Moran, and Steve Francis.  Carrier ended up leading all 25 laps to take the $2,000 qualifying feature win with Jacob Hawkins in second, Jared Hawkins third, Donnie Moran fourth, and Steve Francis fifth.

The 50 lap Southern 100 Late Model championship feature started with Eddie Carrier Jr. taking the lead.  With Carrier up front, all eyes were on the “Kentucky Colonel” Steve Francis as he charged up through the field from his tenth place starting position.  Francis moved up into the second position by lap 18 and battled side by side for the lead with Carrier!  Francis made the pass on lap 21.  Francis led the races next 10 laps until Carrier decided to put his machine up top.  After three laps of side by side racing, Carrier made the pass back on Francis on lap 34 to regain the leading using the high groove!  Carrier led the remaining 16 laps to win the 2012 Pepsi Southern 100!  Francis finished second with Greggie Oliver third, Jackie Boggs fourth, Zack Dohm fifth, and Zack Dohm fifth.  Devin Moran, Eddie Carrier Jr., Billy Gullion, and Shannon Thornsberry won heat races.

Hanover, Indiana’s Joey Kramer dominated the nights 25 lap $1,000 to win Jordan Heating & Cooling UMP Modified A-Main to claim his second win of the season!  Jeremy Rayburn finished second with Eric Hatfield third, Doug Adkins fourth, and Jake Keaton fifth.  Kramer and Hatfield won heat races.

The Southern Ohio Speedway will be in action next on Friday, June 22nd for “Fan and Driver Appreciation Night”.  On the racing card will be Late Models-$2,000 to win, Jordan Heating & Cooling UMP Modifieds-$600 to win, Steel Block Late Models-$500 to win, GCP Engines Sport Mods-Regular Purse, and Classic Cars-Regular Purse.  Gates will open at 4:00 pm with hot laps at 7:30 pm.  General admission is $10 for ages 17 and up, $3 for ages 13-16, and free for ages 12 and under.  Pit passes are $22 for ages 13 and up, $12 for ages 7-12,and free for ages 6 and under.  For more information visit www.southernohiospeedway.com.

Complete Results

Late Models
Phyllis Sansom Memorial Fast Qualifier-R. J. Conley
Heat One-Devin Moran, Jackie Boggs, R. J. Conley, Rod Conley, Josh Bocook, Brett Kennard, Delmas Conley, Josh Bivens
Heat Two-Eddie Carrier Jr., Josh McGuire, Jacob Hawkins, Jared Hawkins, Steve Francis, Nick Bocook, Bobby Tackey, Jeremy Akers
Heat Three-Billy Gullion, Greggie Oliver, Zack Dohm, Kenny Howell, Tre Martin, Chad Barr, D. J. Wells, Jeremy Misel
Heat Four-Shannon Thornsberry, Donnie Moran, Paul Davis, Eddie Johnson, Lee Logan, Mark Morrison, Brandon Conkel

Qualifying Feature One-Greggie Oliver, Jackie Boggs, R. J. Conley, Zack Dohm, Rod Conley, Devin Moran, Billy Gullion, Delmas Conley, Kenny Howell, Brett Kennard, Josh Bocook, Tre Martin,  Chad Barr, Josh Biven, Jeremy Misel
Lap Leaders-Devin Moran (1-4), Jackie Boggs (5-19), Greggie Oliver (20-25)

Qualifying Feature Two-Eddie Carrier Jr., Jacob Hawkins, Jared Hawkins, Donnie Moran, Steve Francis, Shannon Thornsberry, Nick Bocook, Eddie Johnson, Lee Logan, Mark Morrison, Brandon Conkel, Jeremy Akers, Josh McGuire, Bobby Tackett, Paul Davis
Lap Leaders-Eddie Carrier Jr. (1-25)

Southern 100 Championship Feature-Eddie Carrier Jr., Steve Francis, Greggie Oliver, Jackie Boggs, Zack Dohm, R. J. Conley, Donnie Moran, Billy Gullion, Devin Moran, Nick Bocook, Shannon Thornsberry, Eddie Johnson, Mark Morrison, Brett Kennard, Delmas Conley, Jacob Hawkins,  Jared Hawkins, Kenny Howell, Lee Logan, Rod Conley
Lap Leaders-Eddie Carrier Jr. (1-20), Steve Francis (21-33), Eddie Carrier Jr. (34-50)
Car Count-32

Jordan Heating & Cooling UMP Modifieds
Heat One-Joey Kramer, Jake Keaton, Jeremy Rayburn, Doug Adkins, Brian Skaggs, Greggie Oliver, Luke Jordan
Heat Two-Eric Hatfield, Jimmy Adams, Dave Jameson, Sammy Hobbs, Matt Edmiston, Mike Cooper
A-Main-Joey Kramer, Jeremy Rayburn, Eric Hatfield, Doug Adkins, Jake Keaton, Luke Jordan, Jimmy Adams, Brian Skaggs, Sammy Hobbs, Dave Jameson, Matt Edmiston, Greggie Oliver (DNS: Mike Cooper)
Lap Leaders-Joey Kramer (1-25)
Car Count-13

Vintage American Race Cars
Feature-John Lawhorn, Del Leach, Scott Swain, Dave Hatcher, Mike Swian

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