McGuire, Rayburn, Dennison, Christy win on June 22nd


WHEELERSBURG, OH-It was an excellent night for racing at the Southern Ohio Speedway on Friday, June 22nd for “Fan and Driver Appreciation Night.”  The track was lightning fast as drivers were running lap times only a tenth of a second off the track record in time trials.

In the Late Model A-Main, Jackie Boggs and Kenny Howell battled side by side for the lead at the start.  The two battled furiously with Boggs leading lap one and Howell coming back to lead the next lap.  The two continued to battle side by side for the lead until Boggs slowed on lap four with a flat tire.    On the restart, new second place runner Josh McGuire looked to the inside of Howell as they battled side by side for the lead!  McGuire was able to make the pass on lap five and become the new race leader.  A few laps later, Howell slowed with a flat tire, making Billy Gullion the new second place driver.

On the restart, McGuire continued to lead with Gullion only a car length or two behind McGuire.  The two stayed that way for several laps in a tight battle for the lead until Gullion slowed on lap 14 with a tire.  This put the #77 of Jeff Arnold now in the second position with Paul Davis third.  Davis would get around Arnold on the restart and then set his sights on McGuire.  Davis stayed right with McGuire the entire race but didn’t have enough to make the pass as McGuire came across the checkers to take his second feature win on the season!  Davis finished second with Jeff Arnold third, Jeremy Rayburn fourth, and Darren Kattine fifth.  Jackie Boggs won the dash race while John Melvin and Jeff Arnold won heat races.

Jeremy Rayburn took the lead at the start of the nights 20 lap Jordan Heating & Cooling UMP Modified feature and led all 20 laps of the caution free feature to take his fifth feature win of the season!  Jason Perry was strong in his first night out this season in a Modified as he finished in second with Dave Jameson third, Jake Keaton fourth, and Sam Hobbs fifth.  Perry and Rayburn won heat races.

Eric Dennison and Tim Scarberry battled side by side for the lead at the start of the nights GCP Engines Sport Mod A-Main until Scarberry spun in turn two.  This put Tim Robinson up in the second position as Dennison and Robinson then battled side by side for the lead!  After a couple laps of side by side racing Dennison pulled out to a two car length lead until Robinson slowed on lap 8.  From there, Dennison went on to lead the remaining laps and take his fourth feature win on the season.  Tony Whitt Jr. finished second with Kenny Parsons third, Colten Wright fourth, and Kenny Neal Fifth.  Robinson and Dennison won heat races.

Mike Christy led all 15 laps of the Classic Car feature to come to the checkers and take his third feature win of the season.  Chump Brumfield finished second with Tex Perry third, John Morton, and Bruce Thompson fifth.  Christy also won the heat race.

Complete Results

Late Models
Fast Qualifier-Josh McGuire, 16.382
Dash-Jackie Boggs, Kenny Howell, Josh McGuire, Rod Conley, Billy Gullion, Kevin Wagner
Heat One-John Melvin, Matt Melvin, Tommy Riggs, Darren Kattine, Jeremy Akers, Paul Davis
Heat Two-Jeff Arnold, Jeremy Rayburn, Adam Jordan, Brandon Conkel, Chris Shelton
A-Main-Josh McGuire, Paul Davis, Jeff Arnold, Jeremy Rayburn, Darren Kattine, Adam Jordan, Jeremy Akers, Chris Shelton, Brandon Conkel, Matt Melvin, Billy Gullion, John Melvin, Kenny Howell, Jackie Boggs, Tommy Riggs, Kevin Wagner, Rod Conley
Lap Leaders-Jackie Boggs (1), Kenny Howell (2-4), Josh McGuire (5-25)
Car Count-17

Jordan Heating & Cooling UMP Modifieds
Fast Qualifier-Jake Keaton, 18.755
Heat One-Jason Perry, Dave Jameson, Roger Wireman, Jake Keaton, Jimmy Adams, Josh Ross
Heat Two-Jeremy Rayburn, Eric Hatfield, Sam Hobbs, Chris Tolle, Jake Bickers, Adam Colley
A-Main-Jeremy Rayburn, Jason Perry, Dave Jameson, Jake Keaton, Sam Hobbs, Chris Tolle, Jake Bickers, Jimmy Adams, Josh Ross, Adam Colley, Roger Wireman, Eric Hatfield
Lap Leaders-Jeremy Rayburn (1-20)
Car Count-12

GCP Engines Sport Mods
Heat One-Tim Robinson, Tony Whitt Jr., Kenny Parsons, Colten Wright, Shannon Wireman
Heat Two-Eric Dennison, Tim Scarberry, Shawn Aldridge, Kenny Neal, Joseph Adkins
A-Main-Eric Dennison, Tony Whitt Jr., Kenny Parsons, Colton Wright, Kenny Neal, Tim Robinson, Shawn Aldridge, Tim Scarberry, Joseph Adkins, Shannon Wireman
Lap Leaders-Eric Dennison (1-15)
Car Count-10

Classic Cars
Heat-Mike Christy, Tex Perry, Chump Brumfield, Bruce Thompson, John Morton, Nick Newman, Head Brumfield
A-Main-Mike Christy, Chump Brumfield, Tex Perry, John Morton, Bruce Thompson, Nick Newman, Head Brumfield
Lap Leaders-Mike Christy (1-15)
Car Count-7

*Note:  Steel Block Late Models were dropped from the racing program due to low car count.*

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