SOS announces the unique “1st Annual Fall Havoc” Enduro set for November 10th


WHEELERSBURG, OH-The 2012 season at Southern Ohio Speedway will have one more on-track event before the long winter sets in.  Track management put their creative thinking caps on to come up with the coolest, most unique, most fun Enduro yet, the “1st Annual Fall Havoc” which will take place at the track on Saturday, November 10th.

The “1st Annual Fall Havoc” Enduro will begin with a “Time Trial Challenge.”  Cars will get the green flag coming out of the gate and go past the flagstand to complete one lap going the traditional direction, then once they past the flagstand they must turn around and complete one lap running the opposite direction.  The clocks will be on the drivers until they complete their second lap.  What will make this so unique and no doubt determine who has quick time will be the driver that can save the most time in turning their car the opposite direction.  A variety of strategies will no doubt be played.  The driver who has the fastest time will win the challenge along with $25.

The top six fastest cars in time trials will compete in a “Dash for Cash.”  The cars will be completey inverted, meaning the fast qualifier starts sixth and the sixth fastest qualifier starts on pole.  The dash will run six laps with the winner of the race taking home $25.  The rest of the cars will run 15 lap heat races.

Following the dash and heats, we will begin the “Main Event”.  The main event will be broken into two segments; a 30 minute endurance segment followed by the 15 lap finale.  The cars who remain running at the end of the 30 minute endurance segment and the cars that complete their dash or heat race will be eligible to compete in the 15 lap finale.  How the dash finishes is how the first two rows will start in the 15 lap finale.  All other cars will be placed in behind those six cars.  The winner of the 15 lap finale wins $200 along with the bragging rights of being the first “Fall Havoc” champion.

“I think this is a pretty cool way to end the season”, stated H&L Motorsports co-owner T. J. Layne.  “We got searching the Internet the other day and noticed that several tracks across the country host a late fall/early winter Enduro to give fans some on track action during the offseason so we thought this would be something fun to do at our track.  We looked at several different dates to do it, but felt like the November 10th date was the best one as it’s still into the offseason, but it’s early enough that the temperatures shouldn’t be too bad.”

“I also think this format we have came up with should make for a really exciting event”, added Layne.  “One long, strung out Enduro can get a little tedious to watch.  With this, it’s still a true Enduro as the endurance aspect is still there of making the car last for 90-100 laps of action, but it’s unique because we’ve basically broken it into segments and have added the time trials into it.  One thing is for sure, the competitors who compete in this Enduro are going to have an absolute blast and everyone who comes to watch will see a really fun race.”

The cost to enter a car in the Enduro is $30.  This includes car entry plus a pit pass for the driver.  Pit passes for the event will cost $10 while general admission tickets are $5.  Kids 12 and under will get in free for both the pits (must be accompanied by a paying adult) and in general admission.  Enduro drivers who wish to pre-enter the race will receive their name and picture (if a picture is sent) on the SOS website as well as the SOS Facebook page.  To pre-enter, email with your name and a picture of your car .

Gates will open on November 10th at noon with drivers meeting at 1:00 pm and the ‘Time Trial Challenge” beginning at 1:30 pm.  In the event of heavy rain on November 10th, Saturday, November 17th will be used as a rain date.  If weather should happen to interfere again on November 17th, we will keep rescheduling the race until we get it in. We are also welcoming sponsors who may want to contribute to the overall winners purse, the Time Trial Challenge winner, and Dash for Cash winner.  Sponsors will get their name on the Fall Havoc page on the SOS website, the SOS Facebook page, and will be announced at the event.  Sponsor donations for the event must be a minimum of $20.

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Complete Event Information

Enduro Car Rules
Click HERE to view them.

Race Rules
-Cars MUST finish their dash/heat race and complete the 30 minute endurance segment to be eligible to compete in the 15 lap finale.
-During the Time Trial Challenge, the entire car must clear the flagstand to complete the first lap before turning around.
-All starts will be standing starts on the frontstretch, in rows of 3.
-Competitors should be aware that they will not be given much downtime between events.
-One passenger will be allowed for the 30 minute endurance segment only.  Passenger must be at least 18 years of age and must register at the pit box prior to the Time Trial Challenge.
-All drivers must be a minimum of 16 years of age.
-The main rule is HAVE FUN!  All drivers who have competed in one of our Enduro’s talk about how much fun they have.  This will be our most fun Enduro ever.

Track Conditions
Track officials will prep the track to make it more like a traditional Enduro.  Obstacles such as loose tires will also be randomly placed during the 30 minute endurance segment.  Both of these measures are taken to make for a much more fun Enduro race.

Event Schedule
Note: These times are based on the approximate time it will take to complete the event with 30 cars in attendance.  As always, we will strive to compete the event ahead of schedule.

Noon-Gates open
1:00 pm-Drivers Meeting
1:30 pm-Time Trial Challenge
2:30 pm-Dash for Cash and Heat Races
3:15 pm-Main Event

You will be mentioned here if you decide to add some money to the event purse.


#411-Dan Shirey
1991 Buick Roadmaster

#71-Mark Hall

#63r-Ray Scott 

#3H, Dean Hall 

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