Excitement builds for the “1st Annual Fall Havoc” Enduro on November 10th!


WHEELERSBURG, OH-Although much of the region has already had their first snow of the fall/winter, there’s still one more race left on the 2012 schedule at the Southern Ohio Speedway before the long, cold winter sets in.  On Saturday, November 10th the 2012 season will conclude with the “1st Annual Fall Havoc” Enduro.  While the event doesn’t feature the high horsepower machines race fans are used to seeing during the regular season at SOS, the Fall Havoc proves to be one of the most fun events of the season.

While the traditional Enduro’s at SOS feature one endurance segment followed by a 10 lap shootout, the Fall Havoc will offer a full afternoon of racing.  The action will get underway at 1:30 pm with the Time Trial Challenge.  Cars will get the green flag coming out of the gate and go past the flagstand to complete one lap going the traditional direction, then once they past the flagstand they must turn around and complete one lap running the opposite direction.  The clocks will be on the drivers until they complete their second lap.  The driver that gets the fastest lap will win the challenge and $25.

After a brief break for an interview with the Time Trial Challenge winner and track prep, the Dash for Cash will take to the track.  The Dash for Cash will feature the top six fastest qualifiers.  The cars will be completely inverted for the start of the dash.  The dash race will run six laps with the winner taking home $25.  The rest of the cars will run in 15 lap heat races.

After the dash and heats, another brief break will be taken for more track prep and obstacle placement on the speedway for “The Main Event.”  The Main Event will be broken into two segments; a 30 minute endurance segment followed by the 15 lap finale.  The cars who remain running at the end of the 30 minute endurance segment and the cars that complete their dash or heat race will be eligible to compete in the 15 lap finale.  How the dash finishes is how the first two rows will start in the 15 lap finale.  All other cars will be placed in behind those six cars.  The winner of the 15 lap finale wins $200 along with the bragging rights of being the first Fall Havoc champion.

The Southern Ohio Speedway has hosted three Enduro races this season.  The feature wins have gone to Zack Dunn, Shannon Stephens, and Mark Hall.  The last Enduro back on August 3rd was one of the most exciting races of the season as Hall made a last lap pass to take the win.  The three Enduro’s this season averaged 17 cars.  The Fall Havoc is expected to produce the highest car count of the season for an Enduro race.

Gates will open on November 10th at noon with drivers meeting at 1:00 pm and the Time Trial Challenge starting the on track action at 1:30 pm.  The cost is $30 to enter a car in the Enduro.  The $30 entry fee includes a pit pass for the driver.  General admission is only $5 for ages 13 and up and FREE for kids ages 12 and under.  Pit passes are only $10 for ages 13 and up and FREE for kids ages 12 and under.  A limited concession stand will be open for the day.  Click HERE for complete event information.

November 10th Parking Bulletin
All haulers will park in the outside pit area, the infield pits will be closed for the event.  Spectators who purchase pit passes will also be parked in the outside pit area.  The main parking lot up on the hill will be closed for the event as all spectators who purchase general admission tickets will be parked in the Handicap/VIP parking lot.  All tickets and pit passes will be purchased at the pit ticket gate.

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