Southern Ohio Speedway Releases 2013 Pure Stock and Sport Mod Rules


WHEELERSBURG, OH-The Southern Ohio Speedway released it’s 2013 rules packages for the brand new Pure Stock division and the highly popular Sport Mod division.  The Sport Mod division saw only two minor rules changes while the Pure Stock rules were the first set of rules released for the new, economical class introduced by the track.

The Pure Stock division was introduced for 2013 to be the most economical class at Southern Ohio Speedway.  The track looked at several rules packages over the past six weeks to come up with the most economical, competitive rules package possible.  The class is heavily restricted to help keep things cheap and competitive.  The class will be teched heavily to ensure the costs stay down and the class remains competitive.

Just like with the Sport Mod division, the Southern Ohio Speedway is fully committed to the Pure Stock division for 2013 and years to come.  The Pure Stocks are on the 2013 schedule for a total of 20 races.  The class’ weekly purse will be similar to the Sport Mod purse.  It will be based on car count with $60 added to the purse for each car in attendance.  The complete Pure Stock weekly pay breakdown will be posted shortly.  The “Pure Stock Shootout” is scheduled for Friday, July 19th when the class will pay a guaranteed $300 to win.

The only two rules changes to the Sport Mod division in 2013 come to the minimum roll cage diameter and the outlawing of Cleveland style heads.  The Sport Mod division grew from 3 cars in 2011 to 29 cars competiting in 2012.  With the extensive growth of the class and a lot more cars set to run in the class in 2013, the track felt it was best to not make any significant changes to the rules package.

For any questions regarding the rules for the Pure Stock and Sport Mod divisions, please contact tech official John Hunt at (740)-646-8314.  Questions regarding the class rules will not be answered via the tracks email address, track phone number, or track’s official Facebook page.  The only way to get those questions answered is to contact John Hunt.  Your questions are welcomed and we appreciate your interest in the classes.

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Click HERE to view the 2013 Pure Stock rules.

Click HERE to view the 2013 Sport Mod rules.

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