“The Famed Southern Trophy” to be given to 2013 Southern 100 Champion


WHEELERSBURG, OH-Mike Jewell, owner of “The Famed Southern Trophy” and Southern Ohio Speedway are proud to announce that the winner of the “Southern 100” championship feature on Saturday, May 4th will be presented with “The Famed Southern Trophy”, the trophy of legends.  The Famed Southern Trophy is one of the most impressive trophies in all of motorsports.  Designed by Jewell, the trophy is 7 feet 10 inches tall.

The Famed Southern Trophy originated at the Southern Ohio Speedway and returned to the track last season.  The first Famed Southern Trophy was presented in 1988 and has been presented nine times since then.  Some of the sports biggest names have taken home The Famed Southern Trophy.  Previous winners are Billy Moyer (1988), Donnie Moran (1989), Delmas Conley (1990), “Black” Jack Boggs (1991), Paul Harris (1992), Eddie Carrier Jr. (2008), Mike Marlar (2009), Greg Johnson (2010), Jerry Rice (2011), Eddie Carrier Jr. (2012).  By winning last year’s Southern 100, Eddie Carrier Jr. became the only driver to win The Famed Southern Trophy.

“The trophy originated back when I had SOS”, stated Jewell.  “I wanted to do something special each year and came up with the trophy.  When I left SOS in 1992, I got out of racing for a while and set the trophy on the shelf.  When I returned as race director at Moler Raceway Park in 2008 I decided to bring the trophy back out as a tribute to the old track (SOS), never dreaming that the track would be brought back alive again.  I thought SOS was gone forever.  I’m proud I can bring the trophy back hom where it originated, hopefully it will be at Southern for many years to come.”

“We want to thank Mike for bringing The Famed Southern Trophy back to the winner of the Southern 100 again this season”, stated H&L Motorsports co-owner T. J. Layne.  “The Famed Southern Trophy is one of the coolest, most impressive trophies in all of motorsports.  This is one of those trophies that all the drivers want to win.  It add’s even more prestige to the Southern 100 as the race winner will not only be a winner of the prestigious race, but also a winner of The Famed Southern Trophy.”

The 18th Annual Southern 100 will take place on May 3rd-4th.  The Friday, May 4th “Southern 100 Qualifier” will feature a 40 lap, $4,000 to win Late Model show with Modifieds-$800 to win, and GCP Engines Sport Mods.  The Saturday, May 5th “Southern 100 Championship” will feature a 60 lap, $12,000 to win Late Model show with Modifieds-$1,000 to win, Pure Stocks, and just announced a $250 to win Enduro event that will take place after the racing program is complete.  The winner of Saturday’s 60 lap feature will be the Southern 100 champion.  For more information visit www.southernohiospeedway.com.

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