Southern Ohio Speedway releases 2013 track rulebook, Modified rules, minimum age rule


WHEELERSBURG, OH-The Southern Ohio Speedway has released it’s 2013 track rulebook, 2013 Modified rules, and a minimum age rule.

The 2013 Southern Ohio Speedway rulebook has been published so all of the rules regarding track procedures will be out in the open for everybody to read.  The rulebook has been created to try to eliminate as much of the grey area as possible on track rules and procedures.  All competitors are encouraged to read the rulebook prior to the start of the season.

The 2013 rulebook features some changes from 2012 rules.  The first change comes in section F. Starts/Restarts.  In years past, all drivers got their spots back if there was a caution on the first lap.  For 2013, if a single car accident occurs on the first lap that driver will go to the tail and not receive their spot back.  Drivers involved in multi-car accidents on the first lap will still all receive their spots back.

Section G. Changing Cars will prohibit drivers from driving a different car than they started the night in.  This eliminates the use of backup cars and eliminates drivers running another drivers car once time trials have been completed.  Scoring procedures in Section I. Scoring have also been changed for 2013.  Now a lap will be counted as a complete lap if the leader plus three cars cross the start/finish line before the caution comes out.  The final rule change is in section P. Time Limits.  All dash and heat races will be on a 10 minute time limit, as opposed to the two minute a lap time limit last year.

For 2013 the Southern Ohio Speedway will not be UMP sanctioned in the Modified division but will still run UMP rules with a revision to the tire rule.  The only tires drivers will be allowed to run is Hoosier A40’s.  This rule has been put into place to help save the Modified racers money on tires.

Due to new insurance regulations, the track has also implemented a minimum age rule.  The minimum age rule for all classes is 14.  All drivers under the age of 16 must pass a track approval process in order to be approved to compete for the entire 2013 season.  The minimum age rules as well as the 2013 SOS rulebook can be viewed by clicking HERE.  Anybody with questions regarding the 2013 rulebook, Modified rules, and minimum age rule needs to contact the track by email at or talk to T. J. Layne directly.

The Southern Ohio Speedway will be open for action this Saturday, March 23rd for Test N’ Tune #1.  Gates will open at 11:00 am with open practice from noon until 7:00 pm.  All classes are welcome whether it is a weekly SOS class or not.  General admission is FREE.  Pit passes are only $10.  The concession stand will be open on Saturday.  For more information visit

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