Test N’ Tune #1 for March 23rd is on; New Times from 2:00-8:00 pm


Due to a blown tire on the grader delaying track prep work this morning, the start time has been pushed back to 2:00 pm and end time extended to at least 8:00 pm.

WHEELERSBURG, OH-Test N’ Tune #1 for Saturday, March 23rd is on!  Track officials have worked hard in getting the track prepared for Test N’ Tune #1.  Gates will open at 11:00 am with open practice running from noon until 7:00 pm.  General admission is FREE and pit passes are only $10.  All classes, whether it is a weekly class at SOS or not, are welcome.  The concession stand will be open for the day.

The track would like to issue a couple of notes to the race teams.  First, all race teams need to park along the fence area alongside the track entrance road or in the middle area closest to the fence.  Teams will need to avoid the far end of the pits close to turn three as that area is still very soft.  Tires have been placed to mark areas that race haulers need to stay away from.  Also, all racers will need to be sure to watch the track lights.  When the caution lights come on, the driver will need to slow until the green light comes back on.  When the red lights come on, drivers will need to exit the track immediately.  The red lights will close the track temporarily to re-water the track.

The weather looks great for Saturday, be sure to come on out for a fun day at the track!  Please note that the track phone is currently not working and will not be working until next week, so please disregard having no message on the answering machine when you call the track phone.

*Note: The picture above is of a grader working the track in on Friday, March 22nd.*

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