Test N’ Tune #1 Recap


WHEELERSBURG, OH-Race cars finally hit the track following a long offseason on Saturday, March 23rd at Southern Ohio Speedway for Test N’ Tune #1.  A good turnout of cars and fans was in attendance.

The big story of the day was how many GCP Engines Sport Mods were in attendance.  The large majority of the cars in attendance were GCP Engines Sport Mods.  With a good number of GCP Engines Sport Mods at the first Test N’ Tune, this should be a sign of things to come for the class this year.  The GCP Engines Sport Mods will be racing for a cash points fund courtesy of GCP Engines this season as well as a free Sport Mod chassis courtesy of Tomahawk Race Cars of Huntington, West Virginia.  A good number of Modifieds, two 410 Winged Sprint Cars and one Legends car were also in attendance.

The day went off with a minimal number of on track incidents.  A Modified made slight contact with the wall off of turn four, another Modified went over the turns 1 and 2 banking, and a Sport Mod spun and made contact with the infield tires off of turn two.  All cars involved in those incidents were able to continue with little to no damage.  The action was slowed a couple of times for what appeared to be motor issues with a couple of cars.

The start of practice was delayed until approximately 3:30 pm due to an odd string of bad luck with the tracks equipment delaying track prep work.  First, the tracks primary grader blew a tire leaving the pit area in the morning to go out on the track to grade the track for the final time.  This forced the track to make the 30 minute drive to the Harmon Construction garage to load up the tracks backup grader and haul it to the track on a semi and lowboy.  The grader made it to the track, the track was graded, then when track crews went to load the water truck the water pump wouldn’t load the truck.  This forced yet another delay as the track had to rent a pump and then with the sun now shining, put a bunch of water on the race track.  Track crews persevered through the bad luck, never gave up, and got Test N’ Tune #1 in the books.

“It was an odd day for sure with the equipment issues”, stated H&L Motorsports co-owner T. J. Layne.  “We were really glad to be able to get cars on track and get Test N’ Tune #1 in the books.  The preseason Test N’ Tune’s always go a long ways in helping us get the track in top shape for Opening Night.  All of the laps on the track yesterday helped tremendously with that.  As soon as the weather breaks again this week we’ll be back on the track getting it worked in for Test N’ Tune #2.”

The Southern Ohio Speedway will be open for action this Saturday, March 30th for the final Test N’ Tune before the Opening Night races on Saturday, April 6th.  Gates will open at 11:00 am with open practice from noon until 7:00 pm.  General admission will once again be free with pit passes only $10.  For more information visit www.southernohiospeedway.com.

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