Boggs, Adkins, Hamilton, Brisker win Memorial Day Championships


WHEELERSBURG, OH-It was an unseasonably cold night at the Southern Ohio Speedway on Friday, May 24th for the “Robinson’s Auto Sales & Parts Memorial Day Championships.”  It was another fast racing surface as lap times were only a half second off of the track record.

The nights 25 lap lap Late Model feature started with West Virginia driver Steve Lucas taking the lead.  Lucas blasted to the front running right on the cushion while Jackie Boggs settled into second and R. J. Conley third.  Early in the race Lucas was able to extend to a six car length lead as Boggs and Conley began to battle side by side for second.  Boggs was able to hold off Conley for the position.  As the laps wore on, Boggs began to catch back up to Lucas and by lap 14 was right on Lucas’ bumper!  The two then battled side by side for the lead for several laps with Boggs making the pass for the lead on lap 19 as the leaders worked through lap traffic.  Boggs led the remaining six laps to take the $2,000 feature win with Steve Lucas second, R. J. Conley third, Joe Ramey fourth, and Paul Davis fifth.  Lucas won the dash race while Brock Morris won the heat race.

Doug Adkins and Adam Colley battled side by side for the lead at the start of the nights “Robinson’s Trailer Sales 20” Modified A-Main.  The two battled side by side for the lead for the races first two laps with Adkins taking the lead and Jeremy Rayburn passing Colley for the second position.  Rayburn moved right up to the bumper of Adkins as those two then battled side by side for the lead!  After several laps of battling, Adkins was able to pull away towards the end of the race and come across the checkers to take his second feature win of the season!  Jeremy Rayburn finished second with Adam Colley third, Luke Jordan fourth, and Rick Hensley fifth.  Adam Colley won the dash race while Luke Jordan won the heat race.

Danny Hamilton took the lead to start the nights “Robinson’s Auto Sales & Parts Sport Mod Championships.”  Third place starter Mike Newton immediately moved into the second position and on lap five made the pass for the lead on Hamilton!  The two then battled the next three laps with Hamilton taking the lead on lap eight.  Just four laps later Newton was involved in a vicious wreck on the frontstretch that resulted in a red flag.  Though attended to by the Kings Daughters Medical Transport paramedics, Newton was able to walk out of the car on his own power.  When the race resumed, Hamilton led the remaining laps to take his third feature win of the season!  Eric Dennison finished second with Colten Wright third, Emily Jordan fourth, and Brianna Robinson fifth.  Eric Dennison, Danny Hamilton, and Mike Newton won heat races.

Barry Brisker led every lap of the nights Pure Stock A-Main to take his fifth win of the season.  Ray Scott finished in second.

The Southern Ohio Speedway will be back in action this Friday, May 31st for “Fan and Driver Appreciation Night.”  Adult general admission is only $10 while adult pit passes are only $22!  The racing card will feature Late Models, Modifieds, GCP Engines Sport Mods presented by Tomahawk Race Cars, and Pure Stocks.  Gates open at 4:00 pm with hot laps at 7:30 pm.  For more information visit

Complete Results

Late Models
Fast Qualifier-Steve Lucas, 16.254
Dash-Steve Lucas, Jackie Boggs, R. J. Conley, Paul Davis, Joe Ramey, Gary Turner
Heat-Brock Morris, Kenny Howell, Cody Bartram, Don White, Kevin Wagner, Mark Noel
A-Main-Jackie Boggs, Steve Lucas, R. J. Conley, Joe Ramey, Paul Davis, Kenny Howell, Brock Morris, Cody Bartram, Gary Turner, Kevin Wagner (DNS: Don White, Mark Noel)
Lap Leaders-Steve Lucas (1-19), Jackie Boggs (20-25)
Car Count-12

Fast Qualifier-Doug Adkins, 18.432
Dash-Adam Colley, Doug Adkins, Brian Skaggs, Jeremy Rayburn, Eric Hatfield
Heat-Luke Jordan, Richie Edwards, Rick Hensley, Brandon Oliver, Mark Hall, Mike Cooper, Tyler Allison, Tommy Edmiston, Dan Aldridge, Harold Meadows
A-Main-Doug Adkins, Jeremy Rayburn, Adam Colley, Luke Jordan, Rick Hensley, Mike Cooper, Brandon Oliver, Tommy Edmiston, Mark Hall, Brian Skaggs, Eric Hatfield, Todd Robinson, Richie Edwards, Tyler Allison (DNS: Dan Aldridge, Harold Meadows)
Lap Leaders-Doug Adkins (1-20)
Car Count-16

GCP Engines Sport Mods presented by Tomahawk Race Cars
Heat One-Eric Dennison, Gary Parsons, Tony Whitt Jr., Chris Shelton Jr., Wade Miller, Makayla Jarrell, Danny McGowan, Colten Wright
Heat Two-Danny Hamilton, Emily Jordan, Tony Whitt Sr., Kenny Neal, Frank King, Josh Tibbs
Heat Three-Mike Newton, Brad McGlone, Tim Scarberry, #511 Brumfield, Brianna Robinson, B. J. Bowman, Jimmy Spillman, Ron Mays
A-Main-Danny Hamilton, Eric Dennison, Colten Wright, Emily Jordan, Brianna Robinson, #511 Brumfield, Josh Tibbs, Gary Parsons, Tony Whitt Jr., Mike Newton, Tyler Smith, Phil Colley, Kenny Neal, B. J. Bowman, Wade Miller, Tim Scarberry, Chris Shelton Jr., Makayla Jarrell, Tony Whitt Sr., Brad McGlone, Jimmy Spillman (DNS: Frank King, Danny McGowan, Dwayne Hurley, Ron Mays)
Lap Leaders-Danny Hamilton (1-4), Mike Newton (5-7), Danny Hamilton (8-19)
Car Count-25

Pure Stocks
Heat-Barry Brisker, Ray Scott
Feature-Barry Brisker, Ray Scott
Car Count-2

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