SOS announces weekly Enduro class to debut June 21st


WHEELERSBURG, OH-One of the most popular classes at SOS since the tracks re-opening in 2011 has been the Enduro class.  The class offers an extremely affordable way for people to go from the stands to the drivers seat as that is one of the driving factors of the classes success at SOS.  The track has now decided to add a weekly Enduro class to the lineup beginning on Friday, June 21st.

The weekly Enduro class will run under the current Enduro car rules package but will be ran more like a normal class would run as opposed to an actual Enduro race.  The class will run a 20 lap feature at the end of each race night that will pay $100 to win, $75 for second, and $50 for third.  The class will not hot lap and will not run heat races.  If the car count is over 20, we will split the field into two 15 lap features that will pay $100 to win, $50 for second, and $25 for third.  The class will pill draw for grid starting positions.  Starts will be standing starts just like a normal Enduro.   No passengers will be allowed.  Firesuits and racing helmets will be required.   The track will be watered down before the Enduro feature to slow speeds down.  Rough driving will be prohibited and stricly enforced.  Please note that the car rules have changed to make no SUV’s allowed.

The goal of this class is to have a very affordable class that will be a lot of fun.  In the nature of that goal, the race winner will start on the tail of the feature the next race they compete in.  The track will also be implementing a full crew, in addition to our weekly walking the track, to clean the track for any debris left after each race night to ensure no debris from the Enduro class would get left over.  Anybody with any questions about the class can email their questions to

The track would also like to note that this announcement in no way effects the Pure Stock division.  The track is still 100% committed to this class.  The Sport Mod class started with two cars and has grown to over 20 cars each week in two years.  The track understands that it takes time to grow a class and looks forward to seeing the division grow.

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