Boggs, Rayburn, Whitt, Howard win June 14th


Late Models
Fast Qualifier-Jackie Boggs, 16.462
Dash-Rod Conley, Jackie Boggs, Joe Ramey, Shannon Thornsberry, Jason Montgomery, Paul Davis
Heat-R. J. Conley, Jason Perry, Brian Daniels, Tommy Carlton, Jesse Lyons Jr., Kenny Howell,  Jeff Arnold
30 lap A-Main-Jackie Boggs, Jason Montgomery, Rod Conley, Paul Davis, Jason Perry, Joe Ramey, Brian Daniels, R. J. Conley, Jesse Lyons Jr., Shannon Thornsberry, Tommy Carlton, Kenny Howell, Jeff Arnold
Lap Leaders-Jackie Boggs (1-30)
Car Count-13

Fast Qualifier-Jeremy Rayburn, 18.251
Dash-Todd Robinson, Jeremy Rayburn, Doug Adkins, Luke Jordan, Eric Hatfield, Brian Skaggs
Heat-Dave Jamison, Aaron Pendleton, Brandon Oliver, Gary Parsons, Clark Van Houten, Chris Moore, Richie Edwards, T. J. Toler, Danny McGowan
A-Main-Jeremy Rayburn, Todd Robinson, Doug Adkins, Luke Jordan, Brian Skaggs, Aaron Pendleton, Eric Hatfield, Dave Jamison, Brandon Oliver, Gary Parsons, T. J. Toler, Richie Edwards (DNS: Clark Van Houten, Danny McGowan, Chris Moore)
Lap Leaders-Jeremy Rayburn (1-20)
Car Count-15

GCP Engines Sport Mods presented by Tomahawk Race Cars
Heat One-Tony Whitt Sr., Colten Wright, Harvey McGowan, Tyler Smith, Brianna Robinson, Austin Markins, Mark Hall, John Gillenwater
Heat Two-Danny Hamilton, Eric Dennison, Tony Whitt Jr., Emily Jordan, Phil Colley, Kenny Neal, Makayla Jarrell, B. J. Bowman
A-Main-Tony Whitt Sr., Kenny Neal, Brianna Robinson, Danny Hamilton, Colten Wright, Emily Jordan, Makayla Jarrell, John Gillenwater, Tony Whitt Jr., Tyler Smith, Phil Colley, Harvey McGowan, Eric Dennison, Jimmy Spillman
Lap Leaders-Danny Hamilton (1), Tony Whitt Sr. (2), Colten Wright (3-9), Tony Whitt Sr. (10-20)
Car Count-17

Pure Stocks
Heat-Jip Howard, Tim Howard, Barry Brisker, #26, #44, #48
A-Main-Jip Howard, #88, Barry Brisker, #26, #44, #48
*Note: The #5 of Brisker and #26 will be the only cars that receive points.  From this point forward, no 4 cylinder or Enduro cars will be allowed to run with the Pure Stocks.

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