Jared Hawkins wins 3rd Annual Southern 50


WHEELERSBURG, OH-After two consecutive weeks of rainouts, it was an absolutely perfect day for racing at the Southern Ohio Speedway on Friday, July 12th for the “3rd Annual Southern 50”.  A total of 84 cars and a great crowd was in attendance.

The nights $6,000 to win “Southern 50” Late Model A-Main started with Tim Dohm and Jared Hawkins battling side by side for the lead!  The two battled side by side for multiple laps with Hawkins able to make the pass on Dohm on lap 9 to take the lead.  With Hawkins leading, the battle for the second position began to heat up between Dohm and Rod Conley as they battled side by side.  Conley was able to make the pass and set his sights on Hawkins as the leaders negotiated heavy lap traffic.  The races first caution flew on lap 14 for a stopped car as this would bunch the field back up.  On the restart, Conley looked to the inside of Hawkins as the two battled side by side for the lead!  The two battled side by side for multiple laps with Hawkins able to maintain the lead.

On a restart just past the halfway mark of the race, the complexion of the race would change a bunch as coming down the frontstretch Rod Conley’s left rear tire and wheel came off the car and went rolling down the straightaway and off the turn 1 banking.  When the race resumed, Hawkins continued to lead while it was now a three way battle for second between Dohm, Devin Moran, and Josh McGuire.  Dohm ran the middle of the track, Moran ran the inside, and McGuire ran the cushion.  This battle lasted for nearly the whole remainder of the race as McGuire was finally able to make the pass for second with three laps to go.  McGuire charged hard during the races final few laps but would come up three car lengths short at the checkered flag as Jared Hawkins would take the win in the 3rd Annual Southern 50!  McGuire finished second with Dohm third, Moran fourth, and Delmas Conley fifth.  Hawkins, Dohm, and Rod Conley won heat races.

Brian Skaggs and Travis Dickson battled side by side for the lead at the start of the nights 20 lap Modified A-Main.  With Skaggs taking the lead, all eyes were on the racing from third on back as that battle raged two and three wide.  Fifth place starter Jeremy Rayburn was able to take the third position and set his sights on the front two cars.  A few laps later, bad luck struck for Rayburn as he slowed in turn one.  On the restart, Skaggs continued to lead with Dickson right on his tail in second.  Skaggs was able to pull away by a few car lengths late in the race to come across the checkers and claim his second win of the season!  Dickson finished second with Dave Jamison third, Aaron Pendleton fourth, and Doug Adkins fifth.  Dickson won the dash race while Luke Jordan and Adam Jordan won heat races.

Colten Wright and Sam Hobbs battled side by side for the lead in the early stages of the nights GCP Engines Sport Mod presented by Tomahawk Race Cars A-Main.  The two had an incredible battle going for the first half of the race until Wright slowed with what looked to be an engine problem on his #31 machine.  When the race resumed, Hobbs was able to hold off several challenges from Derek Spencer and Tyler Smith to claim his first career SOS feature win!  Tyler Smith finished second with Derek Spencer third, Tony Whitt Sr. fourth, and Derek Richmond fifth.  Colten Wright, Sam Hobbs, and Danny Hamilton won heat races.

Barry Brisker and the #26 car had an incredible battle in the nights Pure Stock A-Main.  The two battled side by side or nose to tail for nearly the entire feature event until the #26 car spun in turns one and two.  When the race resumed, Brisker was able to hold on and take the feature win with #26 in second, Darren Baker third, and Gene White fourth.  Brisker also won the heat race.

Phil Cox won the inaugural weekly SOS Enduro race.

The Southern Ohio Speedway will be back in action this Friday, July 19th for the “1st Annual Buckeye 30”.  The racing card will feature Late Models-$3,000 to win, Modifieds-$800 to win, GCP Engines Sport Mods, Pure Stocks, and Enduros.  Gates will open at 4:00 pm with hot laps at 7:30 pm.  General admission is $15 (ages 17 and up), $7 (ages 13-16), $2 (ages 7-12), and free (ages 6 and under).  Pit passes are $30 (ages 13 and up), $20 (ages 7-12), and free (ages 6 and under).  For more information visit www.southernohiospeedway.com.

Late Models
Fast Qualifier-Jackie Boggs, 16.250
Heat One-Jared Hawkins, Devin Moran, Paul Davis, Brian Daniels, Joe Ramey, Erick Christian, Kenny Howell, Charlie Jude, Jackie Boggs, Carl Dillow II
Heat Two-Tim Dohm, Nick Bocook, Josh McGuire, Jamey Adams, Bud Frazier, Gary Turner, Ronnie Whitt, Richie Edwards, Billy Gullion
Heat Three-Rod Conley, Delmas Conley, Mark Frazier, Kevin Wagner, Jacob Curnutte, Jason Perry, Dennis Little, Jeremy Akers, Mike Sark
B-Main-Kenny Howell, Jeremy Akers, Dennis Little, Mike Sark, Carl Dillow II, Charlie Jude
Southern 50-Jared Hawkins, Josh McGuire, Tim Dohm, Devin Moran, Delmas Conley, Mark Frazier, Nick Bocook, Kevin Wagner, Jamey Adams, Brian Daniels, Joe Ramey, Rod Conley, Paul Davis, Bud Frazier, Kenny Howell, Gary Turner, Jeremy Akers, Jacob Curnutte, Jason Perry, Erick Christian
Lap Leaders-Tim Dohm (1-8), Jared Hawkins (9-50)
Car Count-29

Fast Qualifier-Jeremy Rayburn, 18.215
Dash-Travis Dickson, Brian Skaggs, Dave Jamison, Mark Dickson, Jeremy Rayburn,  Doug Adkins
Heat One-Luke Jordan, Derrick Smith, Greg Thompson, John Remy, David Fitzpatrick, Mick Sansom, Davey Warnock
Heat Two-Adam Jordan, Adam Colley, Aaron Pendleton, Steve Clemmons, Brandon Oliver, Josh Ross, T. J. Toller
A-Main-Brian Skaggs, Travis Dickson, Dave Jamison, Aaron Pendleton, Doug Adkins, Luke Jordan, Adam Colley, Derrick Smith, Adam Jordan, Steve Clemmons, Mick Sansom, Brandon Oliver, Davey Warnock, David Fitzpatrick, Greg Thompson, Jeremy Rayburn, T. J. Toller, Mark Dickson, John Remy (DNS: Josh Ross)
Lap Leaders-Brian Skaggs (1-20)
Car Count-20

GCP Engines Sport Mods presented by Tomahawk Race Cars
Heat One-Colten Wright, Tony Whitt Jr., Eric Dennison, Emily Jordan, Danny McGowan, Derek Richmond, Kenny Neal
Heat Two-Sam Hobbs, Tony Whitt Sr., Tyler Smith, Gary Parsons, Brianna Robinson, Mark Hall
Heat Three-Danny Hamilton, Derek Spencer, Phil Colley, Harvey McGowan, Jimmy Spillman, Makayla Jarrell
A-Main-Sam Hobbs, Tyler Smith, Derek Spencer, Tony Whitt Sr., Derek Richmond, Harvey McGowan, Tony Whitt Jr., Eric Dennison, Makayla Jarrell, Colten Wright, Emily Jordan, Kenny Neal, Phil Colley, Danny Hmailton, Jimmy Spillman, Danny McGowan
Lap Leaders-Colten Wright (1-3), Sam Hobbs (4-15)
Car Count-19

Pure Stocks
Heat-Barry Brisker, #26, Darren Baker, Gene White
A-Main-Barry Brisker, #26, Darren Baker, Gene White
Lap Leaders-Barry Brisker (1-10)
Car Count-4

Winner-Phil Cox
Car Count-12

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