SOS prepares for “2nd Annual Fall Havoc Enduro” November 9th


WHEELERSBURG, OH-Last season the Southern Ohio Speedway introduced a late season Enduro extravaganza unlike any other Enduro event held in the country.  Many tracks across the country host an offseason Enduro during the winter.  SOS took this concept and tweaked it to make it a fall event since the weather is still decent and came up with the most unique Enduro format around.  It is now that time of year for the “2nd Annual Fall Havoc” on Saturday, November 9th.

The Enduro cars will be on the track for three different events during the afternoon.  After hot laps, the Enduros will take to the track for the time trial challenge.  Drivers will be on the clocks as soon as they cross the start/finish line coming out of the pit gate and run one lap around the track the normal directions.  When they come around to take the white flag, the drivers must turn their cars around a cone in the middle of the straightaway at the start/finish line and make one lap around going the opposite direction.  The clock will stop when the driver competes their second lap.  The winner of the time trial challenge will receive $25.

The top six cars in time trials will be inverted and compete in the four lap dash for cash.  The winner of the dash will receive $25.  The rest of the cars will compete in six lap heat races.  Following that will be the main event.  All cars will come out on the track and run for 30 minutes.  After 30 minutes, the red flag will fly and the cars that are left running on track will line up on the frontstretch and run the 10 laps for the $200 winners purse and pride of being the “2nd Annual Fall Havoc” champion.  The 10 lap finale will start with the dash cars and heat race winners starting up front.

Gates will open on November 9th at 11:00 am with hot laps starting the event at 1:00 pm.  General admission will be $5 with pit passes $10.  All cars entered in the Enduro must pay a $20 registration fee per car in addition to the pit pass.  Southern Ohio Speedway Enduro car rules will apply.  One passenger will be allowed in the main event only.  For more information visit

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