SOS announces “Southern Ohio Speedway TV”


WHEELERSBURG, OH-The Southern Ohio Speedway is proud to announce it’s latest addition to it’s digital media platform, the brand new “Southern Ohio Speedway TV” website.  Southern Ohio Speedway TV features video from 20 nights of racing over the past two seasons at the track.  This exclusive website will allow race fans to watch past races from SOS 24/7.

“We are very excited about the debut of the Southern Ohio Speedway TV website”, stated SOS co-promoter T. J. Layne.  “We are very fortunate to have some great videographers who come out to Southern Ohio Speedway.  Because of their work of videotaping the races and uploading those videos on YouTube, we have been able to put together a website that has all of these videos in one location.  We know how much people like to be able to go back and relive races so we have formatted the website for people to be able to view these videos just like they would if they ordered a DVD of the race night.”

“This is an excellent tool that our fans will be able to use to watch races in the offseason and during the week of the season”, Layne continued.  ” This is also a great tool that our race teams can use to be able to show to sponsors.   We cannot thank Angie Ward, Craig Hamilton at Dirt Racing Media, and Jody Shannon at The Dirt Racing Connection enough for contributing the video to make this website possible.”

The Southern Ohio Speedway TV website is built with software used for a video viewing website.  Race fans can go to the website, click on which season they would like to view races on, click on the race night they want to view, then begin watching the racing program from that night.  The website has built-in technology that allows viewers to rate each video, share each video, and show related video.  Among the 20 nights of racing are the 2012 and 2013 Southern 100, the 2012 and 2013 Southern 50, both Late Model features from this year that had last lap passes, and Sprint Car racing among many other videos.

To view the Southern Ohio Speedway TV website, please visit

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