2014 Season Preview: WRS Late Models


WHEELERSBURG, OH-Back in December of 2013 the Southern Ohio Speedway made a major announcement that they would be introducing the Weekly Racing Series (WRS) Late Models.  The WRS Late Models will be featured as the tracks weekly Late Model class in 2014 while the Super Late Models will still maintain a large number of special event races on the schedule.  The goal around the WRS Late Models was to provide a more affordable Late Model class for the weekly racer.  So far, the interest level has been large.

“We have been very happy with the feedback we have received so far about the WRS Late Models”, stated SOS co-promoter T. J. Layne.  “We have been contacted by tons of drivers who are on board with this class at the track.  We’re also being contacted by Super Late Model drivers that have aluminum engines who are looking at running another car in the WRS Late Model class or just looking at running a steel block motor this season.  We really feel like this class is going to provide our fans with strong car counts and great, competitive racing.”

Providing competitive racing is one of the main goals of the WRS Late Model division.  The class is expected to have a driver roster that consists of drivers who normally run with the Super Late Models that have steel block motors (this is actually a large portion of the Super Late Model field at most weekly shows at most tracks), drivers who normally compete in the Limited Late Model division, new drivers geting into the class, and the Super Late Model drivers who will run a different car or switch to a steel block motor to run this class.  The result shoudl be strong car counts, close racing, and lots of different winners throughout the season.

The differences between a WRS Late Model and a Super Late Model mainly come through the engine.  With a WRS Late Model, drivers must run a steel block engine.  The WRS Late Model division also has a 1300 or harder tire rule in place to cut down on the number of compounds drivers need to compete.  Fans will visually not be able to tell a difference in the looks between a WRS Late Model and Super Late Model.  In fact, many WRS Late Models will no doubt compete in the Super Late Model races at SOS.  The motor rule helps take away the need for teams to have a big motor, something that is no doubt the most expensive cost in short track racing, to be able to win weekly races.

The WRS Late Model division will debut on May 16th at SOS.  The debut was originally planned for April, but pushed back to give teams extra weeks to get their cars ready to ensure the highest car count possible in the divisions debut.  The WRS Late Models will be back for the Memorial Day Championships on May 23rd before one of their biggest races of the season on June 5th.  The June 5th special will pay the WRS Late Models $1,500 to win and is expected to draw one of the largest car counts of the season in any class.  Following the big special on June 5th, the WRS Late Models will be back in action on June 13th for Meet the Drivers Night and on June 27th for Legends Night.

On Friday, July 18th the WRS Late Models will be back on the racing card as they join the OVSCA 410 Sprint Cars.  The WRS Late Models will be on the racing card for all three of the OVSCA 410 Sprint Car appearances in 2014.  This was done to be able to provide fans with Sprint Car and Late Model racing all on the same night.  WRS Late Models will race on Kids Night on July 25th with the final points race coming in the Season Championships on August 8th.

Saturday, September 6th will feature another special for the WRS Late Models with the “Steel Block Thunder 30” paying $1,500 to win.  This is another event expected to draw a strong car count.  The dates with TBA on them for September and October will be WRS Late Model shows if the track decides to schedule races on those dates.  The tracks full schedule for September and October will be released at a later time.

The WRS Late Models will run the regular Super Late Model format that includes time trials.  Track officials are also currently evaluating putting some incentives in place for the highest finishing WRS Late Model in the Super Late Model events.  In 2013, cars that were eligible to compete in the WRS Late Model (steel block cars) scored a total of one win, five top fives, and twenty-two top tens at SOS.

Drivers with questions about the WRS Late Model division are encouraged to email southernohiospeedway@gmail.com, contact a track promoter directly, or visit the tracks official website at www.southernohiospeedway.com.

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