Boggs, Rayburn, Jordan, Murdock, Miller take Opening Night wins


WHEELERSBURG, OH-After two rainouts to start the season, the 2014 season finally got underway at the Southern Ohio Speedway on Saturday, April 19th under sunny skies.  A great crowd was in attendance on a record breaking night that saw Jackie Boggs (Late Model) and Scott Lemaster (Modified) set new track records.  Boggs’ lap of 15.48 seconds was the fastest lap turned by a Late Model in the 47 year history of the track.

In the nights 30 lap Super Late Model A-Main, Jackie Boggs and R. J. Conley had a great battle for the lead with action hot and heavy within the top five.  Boggs and Conley were on a rail, nearly flat footing around the cushion of the speedway on a track surface that never lost speed from time trials to the A-Main.  With the intense, record breaking speeds from a track full of moisture from the spring rains, the stress on the equipment led to several cautions throughout the race as cars slowed with mechanical issues.  (The track was smooth besides a little bit of chop on the cushion in turn four.)

As the race went on, second place runner R. J. Conley ran into mechanical problems as he pulled off the speedway shortly after the halfway mark.  When the race resumed, Jackie Boggs continued with a large lead out front while Delmas Conley and Shannon Thornsberry had a great, side by side battle for the second position.  Boggs would go on to win with Delmas Conley second Shannon Thornsberry third Joe Ramey fourth, and Kenny Howell fifth.  Boggs and Conley won heat races.

Jeremy Rayburn and Jason Montgomery battled side by side for the lead at the start of the nights 20 lap Modified A-Main.  Rayburn and Montgomery had an exciting battle for the first several laps of the race until Montgomery jumped the cushion a little bit off of turn four and had to get off the gas to avoid hitting the wall.  This allowed Rayburn to pull away up front and Brian Skaggs and Luke Jordan to also move in front of Montgomery.  Montgomery then had a great battle with Scott Lemaster and Todd Robinson until he spun in turns 3 and 4 and collected Lemaster and Robinson.  Lemaster and Robinson were done for the night while Montgomery continued.  When the race resumed, Rayburn led every lap to take the feature win with Brian Skaggs finishing second, Luke Jordan third, Jason Montgomery fourth, and Adam Colley fifth.  Rayburn and Montgomery won heat races.

Emily Jordan took the lead to start the nights 15 lap GCP Engines Sport Mod A-Main with Danny Hamilton, Tony Whitt Jr., and Danny Hamilton in a great battle for the second position.  As the race wore on, Hamilton began to close up to Jordan and by the last five laps of the race, the two had an intense battle for the lead!  Hamilton would try every line possible to try to get by Jordan, getting as far up to her bumper.  The two ran a clean, intense race throughout as Jordan was able to hang on and take the feature win by less than a car length!  Hamilton finished second with Tony Whitt Sr. third, Tony Whitt Jr. fourth, and Eric Dennison fifth.  Jordan and Steve Cruse won heat races.

Lamar Murdock took the Pure Stock win over Barry Brisker while Justin Miller won an exciting Enduro event to end the night.

The Southern Ohio Speedway will be back in action this Friday, April 25th for Race #2 of the Road to the Southern 100.  The racing card will feature Super Late Models-$2,000 to win, Modifieds, GCP Engines Sport Mods, Pure Stocks, and Enduros at the end of the night.  Gates will open at 4:00 pm with hot laps at 7:30 pm.  General admission is $12 for ages 17 and up, $5 for ages 13-16, $2 for ages 7-12, and free for ages 6 and under.  Pit passes are $25 for ages 13 and up, $15 for ages 7-12, and free for ages 6 and under.  For more information visit

Complete Results

Super Late Models
Fast Qualifier-Jackie Boggs, 15.48
Heat One-Jackie Boggs, Shannon Thornsberry, Delmas Conley, Jeff Arnold, Danial Kattine, Duane Pick, Kenny Howell, Richie Edwards
Heat Two-R. J. Conley, Jason Montgomery, Billy Gullion, Tim Dohm, Joe Ramey, Kevin Wagner, Joe Whitt, Rick Robinson
30 lap A-Main-Jackie Boggs, Delmas Conley, Shannon Thornsberry, Joe Ramey, Kenny Howell, Duane Pick, Joe Whitt, R. J. Conley, Billy Gullion, Tim Dohm, Jeff Arnold, Danial Kattine, Rick Robinson, Kevin Wagner (DNS: Richie Edwards, Jason Montgomery)
Car Count-16

Fast Qualifier-Scott Lemaster, 17.95
Heat One-Jeremy Rayburn, Todd Robinson, Scott Lemaster, Adam Colley, Dale Lyons, Seth Daniels, David Wilds, Eddie Harmon, Ken Aldridge
Heat Two-Jason Montgomery, Brian Skaggs, Luke Jordan, Craig Christian, Mike Matney, Gary Parsons, Travis Hightower, John Sparks, Doug Adkins
A-Main-Jeremy Rayburn, Brian Skaggs, Luke Jordan, Jason Montgomery, Adam Colley, Gary Parsons, Mike Matney, Scott Lemaster, Todd Robinson, Ken Aldridge, Dale Lyons, David Wilds, Seth Daniels, Craig Christian (DNS: Eddie Harmon, John Sparks, Travis Hightower, Doug Adkins)
Car Count-18

GCP Engines Sport Mods
Heat One-Emily Jordan, Danny Hamilton, Tony Whitt Jr., Jimmy Spillman, Phil Colley, #51, Duane Hurley, #X, #711, #65
Heat Two-Steve Cruse, Tony Whitt Sr., Eric Dennison, Wade Miller, Brianna Robinson, Randy Cline, #09 Hunt, Joe Arnold, John Gillenwater
A-Main-Emily Jordan, Danny Hamilton, Tony Whitt Sr., Tony Whitt Jr., Eric Dennison, Brianna Robinson, #X, #09 Hunt, Randy Cline, Phil Colley, Jimmy Spillman, Wade Miller, Steve Cruse, Duane Hurley, #711 (DNS: John Gillenwater, Joe Arnold, #65)
Car Count-18

Pure Stocks
Heat-Barry Brisker, Lamar Murdock
A-Main-Lamar Murdock, Barry Brisker
Car Count-2

Justin Miller, #35 Howard, Phil Cox, #76, Mike Matheny
Car Count-12


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