Meyers, Skaggs, Whitt, Murdock, Cox win on May 17th!


WHEELERSBURG, OH-Despite an inch of rain Thursday and Friday saturating the grounds, Southern Ohio Speedway officials persevered and completed the Spring Shootout on Saturday, May 17th.  Saturated grounds made for a fast racing surface as Brian Skaggs set a new Modified track record.

The WRS Late Model feature started with Michael Meyers and Richie Edwards battling side by side for the lead.  The two battled hard with Meyers running the extreme high side and then Edwards in the middle.  Unfortunately the battle would only last three laps as Edwards slowed with mechanical problems.  On the restart, things got crazy as Joe Whitt got sideways off of turn four and the pack had nowhere to go and piled in.  The wreck ended up ending the night for Whitt, Joey Back, Conard Newman, and Bill Staker.

When the race resumed, Danial Kattine moved into the second position and immediately charged at Meyers for the lead on the restart.  Kattine was able to get side by side a couple times for the lead but Meyers would eventually start pulling away running on the extreme high side.  Meanwhile, one of the best races of the season took place for the third position between David Grubb and Ronnie Whitt.  Those two battled side by side lap after lap after lap.  Meyers would end up leading all 20 laps, driving a perfect race to take the first WRS Late Model win!  Kattine finished second with David Grubb third, Ronnie Whitt fourth, and Ellis Cook fifth.  Meyers and Edwards won heat races.

The nights Modified A-Main started with Brian Skaggs, Jeremy Rayburn, and Dan Ebert battling three wide for the lead!  For the first several laps of the race you could of covered the top three cars with a blanket they were running so close.  Skaggs eventually started to pull away to a little bit of a lead but behind him Rayburn and Ebert had an absolutely incredible battle for the second position.  The two battled side by side lap after lap.  Skaggs was able to hold on and take his third career SOS feature win while Ebert finished second with Rayburn third, Adam Colley fourth, and Mike Matney fifth.  Skaggs and Ebert won heat races.

Andrew Bender and Tony Whitt Jr. battled side by side at the start of the nights Modified A-Main.  The racing was intense as between those two for the first half of the race until Bender broke a driveshaft about halfway through the race.  At the time the caution flew for Bender, Tony Whitt Sr. spun off of turn four and collected points leader Emily Jordan.  Bender, Whitt Sr., and Jordan were all done for the night.  When the race resumed, Whitt Jr. was able to pull away and take the feature win with Danny Hamilton coming from almost last to finish second, Eric Dennison with a strong finish in third, All Gulley fourth, and Joe Arnold fifth.  Whitt Sr. and Bender won heat races.

Lamar Murdock took his second Pure Stock win of the season over Darren Baker.  Phil Cox took the Enduro win.

The Southern Ohio Speedway will be back in action on Friday, May 24th for the “Memorial Day Championships” featuring WRS Late Models, Modifieds, GCP Engines Sport Mods, Pure Stocks, and Enduros.  Gates will open at 4:00 pm with hot laps at 7:30 pm.  General admission is only $10 (ages 17 and up), $5 (ages 13-16), $2 (ages 7-12), and free (ages 6 and under).  Pit passes are $25 (ages 13 and up), $15 (ages 7-12), and free (ages 6 and under).  For more information visit

Complete Results

WRS Late Models
Fast Qualifier-Michael Meyers, 16.83
Heat One-Michael Meyers, Joe Whitt, Danial Kattine, Jeremy Akers, Dennis Little, David Grubb, Darren Kattine, Jay Dunaway, Danny McGowan
Heat Two-Richie Edwards, Bill Staker, Joey Back, Conard Newman, Ronnie Whitt, Ellis Cook, Russ Frohnhapel, Carl Dillow II
A-Main-Michael Meyers, Danial Kattine, David Grubb, Ronnie Whitt, Ellis Cook, Joey Back, Conard Newman, Bill Staker, Joe Whitt, Richie Edwards, Dennis Little, Jay Dunaway (DNS: Darren Kattine, Jeremy Akers, Danny McGowan, Russ Frohnhapel, Carl Dillow II)
Lap Leaders-Michael Meyers (1-20)
Caution Summary: Lap 3 (#3 car slows), Lap 3 (6 car pileup), Lap 10 (#33 spins)
Car Count-17

Fast Qualifier-Brian Skaggs, 17.51
Heat One-Brian Skaggs, Jeremy Rayburn, Mike Matney, Tim Rayburn, Kenny Aldridge, Mark Hall, Travis Hightower, John Brady, Jason Spillman
Heat Two-Dan Ebert, Luke Jordan, Tony Dehart, Gary Parsons, David Wilds, Colten Wright, Tom Finley, John Sparks, Adam Colley
A-Main-Brian Skaggs, Dan Ebert, Jeremy Rayburn, Adam Colley, Mike Matney, Kenny Aldridge, Tom Finley, Travis Hightower, Tim Rayburn, Tony Dehart, David Wilds, Luke Jordan, Mark Hall (DNS: Colten Wright, John Brady, Jason Spillman, Gary Parsons, John Sparks)
Lap Leaders-Brian Skaggs (1-20)
Caution Summary: Lap 1 (#71 slows), Lap 8 (#16 spins), Lap 17 (Debris)
Car Count-18

GCP Engines Sport Mods
Heat One-Tony Whitt Sr., Tony Whitt Jr., Kyle Call, Joe Arnold, George Kelley, Allen Hunt, Emily Jordan, Danny Hamilton
Heat Two-Andrew Bender, Zach Vanhoose, Brianna Robinson, Eric Dennison, Jason Spillman, Allen Gulley, George Caldwell, #75 Dowdy
A-Main-Tony Whitt Jr., Danny Hamilton, Eric Dennison, Allen Gulley, Joe Arnold, George Kelley, Jason Spillman, Brianna Robinson, Allen Hunt, George Caldwell, Tony Whitt Sr., Emily Jordan, Andrew Bender, Kyle Call, Zach Vanhoose (DNS: #75 Dowdy)
Lap Leaders-Andrew Bender (1-8), Tony Whitt Jr. (9-15)
Caution Summary: Lap 5 (#83 spins), Lap 9 (#09 Spins), Lap 9 (#29 slows), Lap 12 (#83 spins)
Car Count-16

Pure Stocks
A-Main-Lamar Murdock, Darren Baker
Car Count-2

Winner-Phil Cox
Car Count-8

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