The Five Biggest Storylines Heading Into the 2015 Season


WHEELERSBURG, OH-The 2015 season at the Southern Ohio Speedway is quickly approaching and there is much to be excited about.  Here is a look at the five biggest storylines to watch heading into the 2015 season.


#1.  The return of Super Late Models weekly
The Super Late Models, the class that has helped bill SOS as the track “where legends are made”, is back on the weekly schedule for 2015.  In 2014, the class was ran for special events only but it back for weekly action this season.  Late Models are back in a big way too.  For every race from April through August, the Late Models will race for $2,000 to win and $250 to start.  The track has taken the old $3,000 to win purse and restructured it to give more drivers an opportunity to win more money.  This will put SOS as the highest paying track in the nation for Late Models.

The Late Model division has put on some truly incredible races at the track as more of that can be expected in 2015.  Although last year was a short season, the action was still hot and heavy in the Late Models with Jackie Boggs and Delmas Conley taking the two feature wins.  The Boggs and Conley families have been battling it out for 40 years at SOS and will no doubt continue to be in the headlines this year.  In fact, almost half of the Late Model races ran at SOS  since 2011 have been won by a driver with the last name Boggs or Conley.

There will be lots of drivers looking at collecting the $2,000 winners payday this season.  Kentucky drivers Kenny Howell and Paul Davis have ran strong at SOS the past several races and will look to be contenders this year.  Drivers such as Jason Montgomery and Greggie Oliver who have won races in the past at SOS will also look to be contenders this year.  Prior to his injury at the 201 Speedway in October of 2013, Josh McGuire had been on quite the roll at SOS, finishing in the top 3 the past several races he competed in with one of those being a feature win.  All of us hope that McGuire will be back behind the wheel of a Late Model soon and continue to pray for his recovery.


#2. Jeremy Rayburn looks to make history
Since the Southern Ohio Speedway re-opened in 2011, no Modified driver has won more races at the track than Jeremy Rayburn. Rayburn has won three consecutive track championships (2012, 2013, 2014) and will be looking to make history this season by becoming the first driver to win four straight track championships in SOS track history.  Rayburn has already joined the likes of SOS Hall of Famer’s Delmas Conley and Jim Patrick by winning three championships in a row.  Four straight track championships would put Rayburn in the history books as the only driver to “fourpeat”.

There will be lots of other drivers that will be looking to break the streak and put their name in the history books as the 2015 SOS Modified track champion.  One of those drivers who will be looking for his first SOS track championship will be Pedro, Ohio’s Brian Skaggs.  Skaggs was the only driver outside of Rayburn to win a feature last year and has finished second in points the past two seasons in a row.  Drivers such as Doug Adkins, Todd Robinson, Luke Jordan, Dave Jamison, Aaron Pendleton, and Adam Colley among others have shown their ability to consistently run up front and will likely be contenders this year.


#3. Will we see another new Sport Mod track champion?
When the Southern Ohio Speedway introduced the Sport Mod class to our region in 2011, it was intended to be an economical class that would produce some of the strongest, most equal competition out there.  As we head into the 2015 season, we can look back and say the Sport Mod class has definitely accomplished that goal.  Since the classes inception in 2011, there has not been a repeat champion.  The class has helped shatter the track record books as for the first time ever, a female driver was track champion when South Webster, Ohio’s Emily Jordan won the track championship last year.

With the same economical rules package that was introduced in 2011 still in place in 2015, expect another season of strong competition, lots of different winners, and incredible racing.  You can expect to see previous track champions Emily Jordan, Danny Hamilton, and Eric Dennison all in the mix for the 2015 crown along with drivers such as “Showtime” Jimmy Spillman, Brianna Robinson, Tyler Smith, Tony Whitt Sr., David Dunn, Phil Colley, Andrew Bender, and many others.  One thing is for certain, the race for the 2015 track championship will be wide open.

When the green flag falls on the 2015 Sport Mod campaign on Friday, April 3rd, there will be a huge void.  Tony Whitt Jr., a three time SOS Sport Mod winner and one of the regions most promising young drivers, tragically lost his life last summer.  Whitt’s loss has left a huge void in the Southern Ohio Speedway family.  The 2015 Sport Mod season will be dedicated to the young driver who touched lots of life’s.


#4. Consolation Features
One of the biggest announcements this offseason came when track officials announced the addition of the consolation features for the Late Model and Modified divisions.  These races will be ran each race night from April through August and will pay Late Models $400 to win and Modifieds $200 to win.  The big twist with these races is that only drivers who have never won a feature in that division at SOS will be eligible to compete in these races.

Holding these races each week with as much money as their is on the line is an unprecedented move by the speedway.  It is a move that will give the race fans two extra feature races to watch each week.  It’s a move that will change the careers of lots of drivers, giving many of them their first career feature wins this season.  These races were put in place to give the fans the most exciting show possible and once again give more drivers the chance to win more money.

Because these races are unprecedented, there is lots of anxious anticipation for what we will see in these races.  There is no doubt that with lots of drivers looking for their first win and good money on the line, these races will add to the legend of the track having some of the most exciting races in the entire country.


#5. Schedule Consistency
Track officials went to work this offseason to give race fans the most consistent schedule the track has had since it’s re-opening in 2011.  The 2015 schedule features the same racing card for each event from April through August.  The good thing is these events are all “super shows” with the highest purses in the region and the addition of an extra feature each night for Late Models and Modifieds with the consolation feature.  Race fans will know in 2015 that each time they come to SOS, they will see the same, high quality exciting show with the Southern Ohio Championship Series.

The 2015 season is right around the corner!  We will have two weeks of preseason action beginning with  Test N’ Tune #1 & Swap Meet on Saturday, March 21st followed by Test N’ Tune #2 on March 28th.  Opening Night is scheduled for Friday, April 3rd with round #1 of the Southern Ohio Championship Series featuring Late Models-$2,000 to win, Modifieds-$750 to win, Sport Mods-$300 to win, Late Model Consolation Feature-$400 to win, and Modified Consolation Feature-$200 to win.

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