Linville, Rayburn, Jordan win Opening Night


Late Models
Heat One-Dustin Linville, Shannon Thornsberry, Kenny Howell, J. P. Roberts, Audie Swartz
Heat Two-Stephen Breeding, Jake Keaton, Paul Davis, Mike Myers, Charlie Jude, Carl Dillow II
A-Main-Dustin Linville, Jake Keaton, Audie Swartz, Charlie Jude, Carl Dillow II, Kenny Howell, Shannon Thornsberry, Paul Davis, J.P. Roberts, Mike Myers, Stephen Breeding
Consolation Feature-Mike Myers, Charlie Jude
Car Count-11

Heat-Jeremy Rayburn, Adam Colley, Brian Wilburn, Anthony Slusher, Adam Jordan, George Caldwell, Brian Skaggs
A-Main-Jeremy Rayburn, Brian Wilburn, Anthony Slusher, Adam Jordan, Adam Colley
Consolation Feature-Brian Wilburn, Anthony Slusher
Car Count-7

Sport Mods
Heat One-Sam Hobbs, Mitchell Fields, Danny Hamilton, Eric Dennison, Bryson Nickel, Makayla Jarrell, Tony Whitt, Brianna Robinson
Heat Two-Emily Jordan, Derek Spencer, Jimmy Spillman, Billy Baldridge, Randy Cline, Joe Arnold, Dustin Pressler, Zach Vanhoose
A-Main-Emily Jordan, Sam Hobbs, Danny Hamilton, Tony Whitt, Billy Baldridge, Brianna Robinson, Jimmy Spillman, Derek Spencer, Dustin Pressler, Makayla Jarrell, Joe Arnold, Eric Dennison, Randy Cline, Bryson Nickel, Mitchell Fields
Car Count-15

Thanks to everyone for coming out!  Join us this Friday, April 24th for Trucking Night and round #2 of the Southern Ohio Championship Series!

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