Conley, Rayburn, Fields, Stout win on April 24th!


WHEELERSBURG, OH-It was a great night for racing at the Southern Ohio Speedway on Friday, April 24th for round #2 of the Southern Ohio Championship Series.  62 of the best race cars in the region were in the house on a night that saw another fast, smooth, and racey track surface.

Isom, Kentucky’s Stephen Breeding took the lead at the start of the nights 25 lap Late Model A-Main with Wheelersburg, Ohio’s R. J. Conley storming into the second position.  The two battled side by side for the lead for the races first three laps with Conley making the pass on lap three.  However, the yellow flag waved before the lap could be complete so by rule the running order goes back to the last completed lap, putting Breeding back to the lead.

On the restart, Conley and Breeding battled for the lead for four laps with Conley making the pass off of turn to take the lead on lap 7.  From there, Conley began to pull away to a 7-8 car length lead with Breeding in second and great racing for 3rd through 6th between Rod Conley, Nick Bocook, Billy Gullion, and Audie Swartz.  Conley would lead the remaining laps to come across the checkered flag and take the $2,000 victory!  Stephen Breeding finished second with Rod Conley third, Billy Gullion fourth, and Nick Bocook fifth.  Breeding won the dash race while Robbie Lewis and Gullion won heat races.  Gullion also won the consolation feature.

The nights Modified feature started with a multi car accident at the start of the feature that involved several fast runners including Jackie Boggs, Dave Jamison, and Eric Hatfield.  Hatfield would continue while Boggs and Jamison would have too much damage to continue.  When the race went green, Todd Robinson and Jeremy Rayburn had a great side by side battle for the lead for several laps with Rayburn taking the lead!

Rayburn started to pull away a little bit around at the midway point of the race, but as the laps started winding down Robinson started reeling Rayburn in and by 2 laps to go was right on Rayburn’s rear bumper!  Coming off of turn 4 to the white flag, Robinson was underneath Rayburn to battle side by side for the lead!  Rayburn maintained the lead down the straightaway and through turns one and two.  Coming into turn three, Robinson threw his machine hard into the turn and had a run going but got up in the marbles exiting turn four.  Rayburn came to the checkered flag to take his second win in a row with Robinson holding off Brian Skaggs by inches to finish second with Skaggs third.  Jim Lemaster finished fourth with Brian Wilburn fifth.  Robinson won the dash race while Boggs won the heat race.

The Sport Mod feature saw more great action with Eric Dennison and Emily Jordan battling side by side for the lead at the start!  The two battled side by side for several laps with Jordan making the pass to take the lead.  As the race wore on, Jordan’s right rear tire began to get low on air pressure.  Jordan stayed on track as there was a great battle for the lead between her, Dennison, Mitchell Fields, and Sam Hobbs.  Fields charged up through the field and took the lead as Jordan’s tire eventually went completely flat, forcing her to pull off.  Sam Hobbs, last week’s second place finisher had mechanical problems, putting his #70 machine hard into the outside guardrail.  He was ok.  Fields would go on to claim his first career SOS victory with Dennison second, Billy Baldridge third, Dustin Pressler fourth, and Jimmy Cox fifth.  Dennison and Jordan won heat races.

The OVR Legends put on another great show at SOS as the smaller scaled cars battled close for the entire 15 lap feature race!  This race had a little bit of everything with side by side racing, slidejobs, and pack racing.  Tommy Stout Sr. was able to hold off a hard charging Josh Francis with Tom Partin in third, Derek Minshew fourth, and Steven Partin in fifth.  Francis and Stout won heat races.

The Southern Ohio Speedway is back in action this Friday, May 1st for the Tri-State Challenge and round #2 of the Southern Ohio Championship Series featuring nearly $15,000 in total purse money.  The racing card will feature Late Models-$2,000 to win, Modifieds-$750 to win, Sport Mods-$300 to win, a $400 to win Late Model Consolation Feature, and a $200 to win Modified Consolation Feature (5 cars must start for consolation features to be ran).  Gates will open at 4:00 pm with hot laps at 7:30 pm.  General admission is $15 (ages 17 and up), $5 (ages 13-16), $2 (ages 7-12), and free (ages 6 and under).  Pit passes are $30 (ages 13 and up), $20 (ages 7-12), and free (ages 6 and under).

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Complete Results

Late Models
Fast Qualifier-R. J. Conley, 15.78
Dash-Stephen Breeding, Kenny Howell, R. J. Conley, Audie Swartz, Rod Conley, Nick Bocook
Heat One-Robbie Lewis, Paul Davis, Jeff Arnold, Larry Martin Jr., Gary Turner, Danny Ferguson, A. J. Hicks, Ray Alley
Heat Two-Billy Gullion, Billy Staker, Jake Keaton, Dennis Little, Mike Taylor, Danial Kattine, Darran Kattine
A-Main-R. J. Conley, Stephen Breeding, Rod Conley, Billy Gullion, Nick Bocook, Audie Swartz, Jake Keaton, Larry Martin Jr., Daniel Kattine, Danny Ferguson, Jeff Arnold, Robbie Lewis, Paul Davis, Gary Turner, Dennis Little, Darran Kattine, Billy Staker, Mike Taylor, Kenny Howell (DNS: Ray Alley, A. J. Hicks)
Consolation Feature-Billy Gullion, Audie Swartz, Jake Keaton, Robbie Lewis, Larry Martin Jr.
Car Count-21

Fast Qualifier-Jeremy Rayburn, 18.31
Dash-Todd Robinson, Jeremy Rayburn, Brian Skaggs, Eric Berry
Heat-Jackie Boggs, Brian Wilburn, Jim Lemaster, Dave Jamison, Bryston Guthrie, Mike Matney, Jimmy Spillman, George Caldwell, Eric Hatfield, Adam Colley
A-Main-Jeremy Rayburn, Todd Robinson, Brian Skaggs, Jim Lemaster, Brian Wilburn, Eric Hatfield, Bryston Guthrie, Eric Berry, Jimmy Spillman, Mike Matney, George Caldwell, Dave Jamison, Jackie Boggs (DNS: Adam Colley)
Car Count-14

Sport Mods
Heat One-Eric Dennison, Tony Whitt., Brianna Robinson, Gaje Ayres, Dustin Pressler, Chris Shelton, Jowana Shelton
Heat Two-Emily Jordan, Sam Hobbs, Mitchell Fields, Billy Bowles, Billy Baldridge, Jimmy Cox, Kenny Neal
A-Main-Mitchell Fields, Eric Dennison, Billy Baldridge, Dustin Pressler, Jimmy Cox, Emily Jordan, Brianna Robinson, Billy Bowles, Gaje Ayres, Tony Whitt, Sam Hobbs (DNS: Chris Shelton, Jowana Shelton, Kenny Neal)
Car Count-14

OVR Legends
Heat One-Josh Francis, Steve Duderstadt, John Eaton, Cole Demint, Rob Puckett, #13
Heat Two-Tom Stout Sr., Derek Minshew, Steven Partin, Tom Partin, Tommy Stout Jr.
A-Main-Tom Stout Sr., Josh Francis, Tom Partin, Derek Minshew, Steven Partin, John Eaton, Danny Ferguson, #13, Steve Duderstadt, Rob Puckett, Tommy Stout Sr.
Car Count-12

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