Track Reconfiguration Project On Track


WHEELERSBURG, OH-It was one month ago that the track reconfiguration project began at the Southern Ohio Speedway.  Working through unseasonably wet weather during the first part of the project, some 31 days later the reconfiguration project is reaching it’s last phase.

Up to this point, tons of dirt has been hauled into the speedway to shorten the race track in the turns 1 and 2 area.  Dirt has been hauled and lots of grade work done and now the Southern Ohio Speedway is a 3/8ths mile track.  The new track will make the speedway much easier on equipment which is expected to attract more race teams.  The new track configuration is also expected to be even more racey.  Cars do not spread out as much on a shorter track and the new banking configuration should result in more side by side racing in turns 1 and 2.

At this point of the project, track officials are continuing to do grade work to get the slope of the turn just right.  Much of the work is also focused on making a flat spot at the top of the new turns 1 and 2 banking to make an easy transition if a car goes over the banks.  Lighting work will also be taking place as the track looks to add lighting as well as putting all of the old lightpoles back up.

Stay tuned to and for additional information on the reopening date.


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