New Sport Mod Rules Announced


WHEELERSBURG, OH-The Southern Ohio Speedway would like to announce some changes to the current Sport Mod rules package.

The track will now allow Sport Mods to run Bert transmissions and quick change rear ends.  However, a car that as a Bert transmission and/or a quick change rear end will have to weigh 2,500 pounds.  Cars running the traditional rules package with a 9 inch rear end and and OEM manual or OEM automatic transmission will be allowed to weigh 2,350 pounds.  The track would also like to stress that 400 blocks ARE NOT allowed.

The Sport Mod division will be having a big $500 to win, $40 to start show coming up on Saturday, September 12th as part of the grand opening of the new 3/8ths mile track.  For more information visit

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