Boggs doubles up; Dennison claims Sport Mods; Aldridge wins Enduro


WHEELERSBURG,OH-It was a packed house at the Southern Ohio Speedway on Saturday, October 10th for the grand opening of the new track and MTS Ambulance Meet the Drivers Night.  A record car count was on hand with 97 total cars for the four classes that were in competition.

In the Late Model division, Jackie Boggs took the lead coming out of turn two on the opening lap using high side momentum and led every lap to take the feature win.  Fourth place starter Greggie Oliver charged in the second place around the races halfway point and stayed around a 1/2 a straightaway behind Boggs for much of the race.  “Hot Rod” Conley from Wheelersburg, Ohio charged from the ninth starting position to finish third.  Conley battled for second with Oliver but Oliver was able to maintain the position.

Polesitter and points leader Stephen Breeding had some tense moments during the feature in his battle to win the track championship.  Breeding ran in second for much of the race and prior to the halfway point was involved in an incident while passing lapped car Joe Whitt.  The two made contact and Breeding spun going down the backstretch and backed his #5 machine into the turn three guardrail.  Whitt was charged with rough driving and Breeding got his second position back.  Breeding dropped a couple spots in the closing laps of the race but was able to clinch the track championship with his fourth place finish.

Audie Swartz, the man chasing Breeding for the points championship, passed nearly half of the field to come from his 14th place starting position to round out the top five in fifth.  In preliminary action, Stephen Breeding won the dash race while Josh Ross, Derek Fisher, and Rod Conley won heat races.  34 drivers from four different states signed in to compete in the Late Model division.

Adam Colley and Jackie Boggs had a great battle for the lead to start the nights Modified feature.  Colley led lap one while Boggs led lap two.  As Boggs started to pull away up front, the battles within the top five were intense between Colley, Jeremy Rayburn, Brian Skaggs, and Tony Dehart.  On a restart around the halfway mark of the race, Colley, Rayburn, and Skaggs were involved in an incident going three wide for second with Colley and Skaggs both suffering substantial damage.

Boggs was able to lead the races remaining laps and successfully pull of the double, winning two features in one night!  Jeremy Rayburn finished second, winning his fourth consecutive track championship.  Rayburn becomes the only driver in SOS history to win four consecutive track championships.  Luke Jordan charged from the 10th starting position to finish third with Justin Jacobs fourth and Jason Hall fifth.  Colley won the dash race while Tony Dehart won the heat race.

The Sport Mod feature was a thrilling one with Eric Dennison and Emily Jordan battling side by side for the lead for the first 7 laps until the races first caution flew.  When the first caution flew, the four track championship contenders ran 1-2-3-4 with Dennison in first, Jordan in second, Brianna Robinson third, and Billy Baldridge fourth.

When the race resumed on lap 8, Jordan stayed right on the rear bumper of Dennison, trying multiple lines through turns 1 and 2 to try to make the pass.  With only 2 laps to go and still right on Dennison’s bumper, Jordan spun her #13e machine coming off of turn 2!  She then had to go to the tail of the field, putting her in ninth.  With Dennison leading, Jordan had to finish 7th or better to still win the track championship.  On the final lap, Jordan passed two cars to finish 7th and win the track championship over Eric Dennison, who went on to take the big $500 win!

Brianna Robinson had a career best SOS finish in second with Billy Baldridge third, Alan Gulley fourth, and Danny Hamilton charging from the tail to finish fifth.  Dennison and Jordan won heat races.

The last event of the night, the Enduro, saw an excellent battle for the win.  Michael Sheffield led the opening four laps of the race before being passed by Danny Aldridge for the lead.  Aldridge then proceeded to put quite a bit of distance on Sheffield.  In the closing laps, Sheffield began to rapidly reel in Aldridge and on the final lap was right on Aldridge’s tail going into turn three!  Coming off of turn four Sheffield had a strong run on Aldridge before hitting the ditch and spinning around, giving Aldridge the $500 win!

Saturday’s race concludes the 2015 season at the Southern Ohio Speedway.  The new track configuration helped to produce some great racing action, receiving great reviews from drivers and fans alike.  The new turns 1 and 2 saw more passing than any other part of the track.  Please stay tuned to our Facebook page and our website at for complete information on the upcoming 2016 season!

Complete Results

Late Models
Fast Qualifier-Shannon Thornsberry, 15.93
Dash-Stephen Breeding, Jackie Boggs, Billy Gullion, Greggie Oliver, Shannon Thornsberry, Mark Sturgill
Heat One-Josh Ross, Larry Martin Jr., Audie Swartz, Kirk Phillips, Russ Frohnhapfel, Eddy Johnson, Carl Dillow II, Duane Pick, Billy Staker
Heat Two-Derek Fisher, Jake Keaton, Gary Turner, Matt Melvin, Jacob Curnutte, Derek Chaney, Brent Cornette, Ronnie Whitt, Charlie Floyd
Heat Three-Rod Conley, Avery Taylor, John Melvin, Joe Whitt, Jason Perry, Josh Hall, Shawn Martin, Michael Perkins, Tony Ruby
B-Main-Jacob Curnutte, Jason Perry, Shawn Martin, Russ Frohnhapfel, Eddy Johnson, Ronnie Whitt, Brent Cornette, Billy Staker, Charlie Floyd
A-Main-Jackie Boggs, Greggie Oliver, Rod Conley, Stephen Breeding, Audie Swartz, Billy Gullion, Larry Martin Jr., Shannon Thornsberry, Jake Keaton, Mark Sturgill, Kirk Phillips, Avery Taylor, Jason Perry, John Melvin, Josh Ross, Derek Fisher, Gary Turner, Matt Melvin, Joe Whitt, Jacob Curnutte
Car Count-34

Fast Qualifier-Jackie Boggs, 18.15
Dash-Adam Colley, Jackie Boggs, Jeremy Rayburn, Brian Skaggs, Jason Hall, Jody Puckett
Heat-Tony Dehart, Aaron Ratcliff, Justin Jacobs, Luke Jordan, Mike Newton, Colten Wright, Tyler Smith, T. J. Toler, Tom Finley
A-Main-Jackie Boggs, Jeremy Rayburn, Luke Jordan, Jason Hall, Justin Jacobs, Tom Finley, Colten Wright, Aaron Ratcliff, T. J. Toler, Brian Skaggs, Jody Puckett, Tony Dehart, Adam Colley, Jimmy Spillman, Tyler Smith, Mike Newton
Car Count-16

Sport Mods
Heat One-Eric Dennison, Brianna Robinson, Billy Baldridge, Alan Gulley, Randy Cline, George Caldwell, Bryson Nickel, Gary Christian, Dan Aldridge, J. D. Broughton
Heat Two-Emily Jordan, David Dunn, Denzel Ayres, Kim Faulkner, Arnold Topping, Billy Bowles, Harold Meadows, Danny Hamilton, Danny Aldridge
A-Main-Eric Dennison, Brianna Robinson, Billy Baldridge, Alan Gulley, Danny Hamilton, George Caldwell, Emily Jordan, Harold Meadows, Randy Cline, Arnold Topping, Bryson Nickel, Gary Christian, Denzel Ayres, David Dunn, Kim Faulkner
Car Count-19

Winner-Danny Aldridge
Car Count-27

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