Statement from Southern Ohio Speedway

This past Friday we were faced with a horrific accident that has shaken the racing community to its core.  It was an accident that makes you question your love and passion for the sport.   What happened Friday was worse than anyone’s worst dreams, it was something that was unfathomable.

Track officials, the Minford Volunteer Fire Department who was onsite, drivers, pit crew members, medics from Life Medical Response who was also onsite, and Scioto County Sheriff Deputies onsite did everything that they could to try to help put out the fire and extract Charlie from the car.  The Minford Volunteer Fire Department fire truck at the track was equipped with fire extinguishers, water in the truck, and foam in the truck that is made to handle race fuel and jet fuel fires since the department has the race track and the airport in its territory.  Leaking fuel that streamed steadily from the cars fuel tank kept the blaze ignited and got the fire so large that it could not be controlled.

These track officials, firefighters, drivers, pit crew members, medics, and deputies put their lives on the line.  We thank you for that.  These people are in our prayers.  Each and every person who was at the track is in our prayers.  It has effected every single person who was at the track.  We also thank each driver who donated all or a portion of their winnings to Charlie, each person who donated on the Go Fund Me (thank you Travis Nickel for setting that up), and the Atomic Speedway and Tyler County Speedway staff, drivers, and fans who took up money for Charlie.  If there is anybody we have left out, we apologize and thank you for your efforts.

Most importantly, please continue to pray for Charlie and his family.  We have not been able to stop thinking about Charlie and his family.  They are in our prayers constantly.  Charlie is such a good person.  Charlie is what dirt track racing is all about.  He is a local hero, a firefighter and EMT who has worked hard to be able to field a Late Model.  Please pray for Charlie and his family.

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