Nuckles, Dickson, Taylor, Jordan, Piquet win May 27th!


WHEELERSBURG, OH-It was a hot 90 degree day at the Southern Ohio Speedway on Friday, May 27th as the action on track was just as hot!  Lots of great racing took place on a night that saw 4 of the 5 classes open wheel classes.

In the OVSCA 410 Sprint Car feature, polesitter Jesse McCreary jumped out to the lead until a caution flag flew on lap two for a spinning Wes McGlumphy.  On the restart, several cars checked up and piled up with Josh Davis tumbling going into turn three.  The wreck also took out David Smith and R. J. Perkins.  All drivers were ok.  When the race resumed, McCreary jumped out to the lead with Andre Layfield in second, Bryan Nuckles in third, and Danny Smith in fourth.  Within about five laps, the top four cars were all within one second of each other as McCreary and Layfield battled side by side for the lead!  The battle for the lead was intense and lasted for several laps.  Coming off of turn four to complete lap 10, Layfield got a huge run on McCreary and jumped to the inside of him in turn one to go side by side.  In the middle of the turn the two made heavy contact, getting hooked together and crashing off of turn two.  Thankfully no cars got airbone and all drivers were ok, but the top two cars were out of the race.

That left the lead to Columbus, Ohio’s Bryan Nuckles with National Sprint Car Hall of Famer Danny Smith in second.  On the restart, Nuckles quickly jumped out to a big lead and maneuvered lap traffic to come to the checkers and take the big win!  Danny Smith finished second with Dave Dickson third, Ronnie Blair fourth, and Jamie Myers in fifth.  McCreary and Layfield won heat races.

It was another great feature race in the AMRA Modified feature that took a crazy turn at the end.  It was an intense battle for the lead from the start between Brian Skaggs and Travis Dickson.  Dickson made the pass on Skaggs on lap four and pulled out to a sizeable lead.  In a race with few cautions the race spread out with Dickson leading Skaggs second, and Eric Hatfield third.  With a couple laps to go, cars started slowing as out of nowhere rain started falling on the speedway!  The field came to complete the checkered with Travis Dickson taking his first career SOS feature win!  Brian Skaggs finished second with Eric Hatfield third, Adam Colley fourth, and Steve Cruse fifth.  Skaggs and Hatfield won heat races.

The rain only lasted a few minutes and the track was ran in to complete the rest of the racing program.  Next up was the Ohio Thunder RaceSaver 305 Sprint Car A-Main.  This race saw a great battle for the lead between Jim Lewis and New Jersey driver Jeff Taylor!  The two battled for the lead for the opening laps in a great battle for the lead with Taylor making the pass on lap four.  The race slowed a few laps later as the #01 car of Dustin Hamond got upside down in turn two.  Thankfully, he was ok.  When the race resumed Taylor went on to lead the remaining laps and take the win!  Jim Lewis finished second with Andy Hill third, Michael Ebeisbach fourth, and Jay Dunaway fifth.  Lewis and Hill won heat races.

Emily Jordan dominated the nights 15 lap Sport Mod A-Main to take her second consecutive feature win!  Eric Dennison finished second with Danny Hamilton third, Zack Vanhoose fourth, and Allan Hunt fifth.  Robert Pigeut won another wild Enduro that saw a great battle for the lead between him and Robbie Matheny.

The Southern Ohio Speedway will be back in action this Friday, June 3rd for Meet The Drivers Night featuring AMRA Late Models, AMRA Modifieds, Fastrak Crate Late Models, Sport Mods, and an Enduro.  Gates will open at 4:00 pm with hot laps at 7:15 pm.  General admission is $12 (ages 17 and up), $5 (ages 13-16), $2 (ages 7-12), and FREE (ages 6 and under).

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Complete Results

OVSCA 410 Sprint Cars
Fast Qualifier-Bryan Nuckles
Heat One-Jesse McCreary, Bryan Nuckles, Dave Dickson, Ronnie Blair, Jamie Myers, Randy Fink, R. J. Perkins, Benny Hickel
Heat Two-Andre Layfield, Danny Smith, Wayne McPeek, Josh Davis, Nathan Skaggs, David Smith, Wes McGlumphy, George Hawkins
A-Main-Bryan Nuckles, Danny Smith, Dave Dickson, Ronnie Blair, Jamie Myers, Wayne McPeek, Randy Fink, Nathan Skaggs, Josh Davis, Jesse McCreary, George Hawkins, David Smith, R. J. Perkins, Wes McGlumphy, Josh Davis, Benny Hickel
Car Count-16

AMRA Modifieds
Fast Qualifier-Travis Dickson
Heat One-Brian Skaggs, Travis Dickson, Mike Conkel, Steve Cruse, Jeff Ward, Nick Phillips
Heat Two-Eric Hatfield, Adam Colley, Pete Brunton, Travis Carr, Gary Gould, Mark Dickson, Reed Bishop
A-Main-Travis Dickson, Brian Skaggs, Eric Hatfield, Adam Colley, Steve Cruse, Mike Conkel, Jeff Ward, Pete Brunton, Reed Bishop, Nick Phillips, Travis Carr, Mark Dickson, Gary Gould (DNS:  Clint Keenan)
Car Count-14

Ohio Thunder RaceSaver 305 Sprint Cars
Heat One-Jim Lewis, Jeff Taylor, Mike Downs, Dustin Hamond, Jay Dunaway
Heat Two-Andy Hill, Michael Ebeisbach, Lewie Christian
A-Main-Jeff Taylor, Jim Lewis, Andy Hill, Michael Ebeisbach, Jay Dunaway, Mike Downs, Dustin Hamond (DNS: Lewie Christian, Jake Hesson)
Car Count-9

Sport Mods
Heat-Emily Jordan, Danny Hamilton, Eric Dennison, Tony Whitt, Zack Vanhoose, Allan Hunt
A-Main-Emily Jordan, Eric Dennison, Danny Hamilton, Zack Vanhoose, Allan Hunt, Tony Whitt (DNS: Dustin Pressler)
Car Count-7

Winner-Robert Piguet
Car Count-14

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