Southern Ohio Speedway Revises 2016 Schedule; June 3rd Races Cancelled


WHEELERSBURG, OH-After doing much evaluation, the Southern Ohio Speedway has made the decision to revise it’s 2016 schedule and go to a special events only schedule.  This means that the races scheduled for this Friday, June 3rd are cancelled and the scheduled off week for June 10th will remain in effect.  The track is in the process of scheduling the special events for this season and will announce the upcoming events at a later time.

The decision to move to this type of schedule was a very difficult one.  The track has tried almost everything to make a financially viable weekly show but has not had success.  These attempts include a massive project to reconfigure the track, paying some of the highest weekly purses in the country, offering family friendly ticket pricing, and offering various fan and driver promotions.  While weekly programs, especially this season, have produced great racing, it has become harder and harder to get the attendance numbers needed to make weekly racing programs work.  There is so much expense that goes into a race outside of what is seen as the numbers needed to make these shows work are quite large.

Special events have always drawn good attendance numbers while weekly shows have always been a struggle to get a lot of interest.  As the economy within our racing community has got worse and more race cars have been parked while even more race teams run a limited schedule, it has become all that much harder to draw interest in weekly racing programs. With car count based purses this season the track tried to get the cost down low enough to run weekly shows but it has not panned out.

Several other speedways in the area have switched to a limited, special event type schedule.  While every track would no doubt love to be racing every week, business decisions have to be made to keep action going at the track.  We look forward to some more exciting, high quality events this season.  We have had some excellent special event races in the past and look forward to some more great ones moving forward.

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