Special Event Classes

Special Event Classes

410 Winged Sprint Cars

410 Winged Sprint Cars are the fastest of all cars that race at SOS.  With a weight of 1,350 pounds and over 900 horsepower, 410 Winged Sprints present scary fast speeds and some of the most exciting racing action in short track racing.  410 Winged Sprints will race twice at SOS in 2013.  Some of the biggest names in Sprint Car racing with the likes of Steve Kinser, Dave Blaney, and Jac Haudenschild have all raced at SOS in the past.


mod enduro

The Enduro class features racing at it’s purest form.  This class features completely stock cars and trucks with very minor modifications such as all glass must be removed.  The class features some exciting racing and is a favorite among the fans.  The class also creates an excellent opportunity for fans to go from the stands to the track at the cheapest way possible.  There will be two Enduro’s at SOS in 2013.