Fastrak Crate Late Models


Crate Late Model racing has taken the country by storm as it provides an affordable way to get into Dirt Late Model racing.  In 2016, Crate Late Model racing will make it’s way to our region as we will have a weekly Fastrak Crate Late Model class.

To learn more about the Fastrak Crate Late Model rules and what all the Fastrak sanctioning has to offer to the race teams, click HERE.

At the current time we are working on the payout.  We can say that the payout for 2016 will closely resemble that of a Limited Late Model purse in our area.  The tire rule is 1300 or harder.  We can also say that if you are wanting to run for Fastrak points, you must run the Hoosier FT200, FT400, or FT600 tires.

At the heart of Crate Late Model racing is the affordable engine costs.  There are two legal motors in the class.  They are the GM 602 and GM 604.  The GM 602 costs around $3,500 and the GM 604 costs around $6,500.  These motors have already proven to be competitive in Limited Late Model competition around the area.  These are the only motors that will be allowed in this class at SOS, but you can still run competitively in the LLM class at other speedways as well.

This is a class that we are 100% committed to at SOS.  We started the Sport Mods and stuck with it when car counts were in single digits.  We know and understand it will take time to build this class up.  Until it gets built up, it will run on a car count based payout that way as long as there are at least 2 cars entered, the class will run on that particular race night.

We hope that you will join the first group of drivers to get Crate Late Model racing started in this area.  This is going to be an exciting class that is sure to grow rapidly.  Please email us anytime at for any questions that you may have.