Track Rules

2012 Track Rules

Click HERE to read the 2013 Southern Ohio Speedway Rulebook.

2013 SOS Minimum Age Rule
1. Per track insurance regulations, the minimum age rule for all classes is 14 years old.

2. All drivers under the age of 16 must go through an approval process to get approved to race for the 2013 season.  The first step in the approval process is to fill out an application at the pit booth.  The driver will then hot lap by their self and be judged by a three member competition board.  The driver will be judged by how well they can handle the car.  If all three members of the competition board approve, the driver will then be allowed to compete in their heat race.  The driver will once again be judged by the same three member competition board on how well they can handle their car with other cars on the track.  If the driver is approved, he/she will be approved to race at SOS for the 2013 season.

3.  Drivers who are 13 but will be turning 14 during the course of the 2013 season will be allowed to go through the approval process as long as they have multiple years of go-kart experience.

4. Drivers must go through the approval process every year until they turn 16.

5. The age rule does apply to Test N’ Tunes and any private practice sessions.

6. Please direct any questions regarding the minimum age rule to or directly to T. J. Layne.